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Engineering Plastic Removal Method

Jun 28, 2017

Engineering Plastic removal method
    Engineering Plastic manufacturers long-term use of products, will inevitably accumulate a lot of dust, if not timely treatment of dust, it will reduce the greenhouse lighting, affecting the photosynthesis of vegetables within the shed, making the production decreased, the quality of decline, so remove Engineering Plastic The dust is necessary.
The more common Engineering Plastic removal method is artificial dust removal, when the water is high when the water is better, the damage to the film is light, but the winter weather is too cold when not easy to use. Artificial rub film can also be used, but simply make the film affected, these two methods only available, but the laborious effort to be repeated, the role is not ideal. Of course, the selection of dust-proof film is the fundamental, the production of raw materials and performance of the different, the film's dust will also be very different.
    Engineering Plastic manufacturers that manufacturers of Engineering Plastic are PVC film, ethylene - vinyl acetate composite film, multi-layer co-extruded polyolefin thermosetting film three. PVC-vinyl acetate composite film is excellent in dust-proof and good-quality film, and the film is excellent in light transmittance. Translucent has been relatively good.
 Engineering Plastic manufacturers products corona treatment we are no stranger, but if the corona treatment, Engineering Plastic and corona treatment roller sandwiched between the air, it is easy to be the opposite side of the film has been corona treatment, which is We have to talk about the negative corona today
    The corona of the engineering plastic may cause the film to produce ink stained anti-sticking phenomenon; also may make it in the aluminum will occur when the transfer of aluminum, glue will occur when the coating layer transfer. Want to prevent the film corona need to adjust the corona treatment roller before the pressure of the rubber roller, the pressure at both ends of the pressure roller must be consistent and the size of the pressure should be appropriate.
    Engineering plastic manufacturers in order to avoid the occurrence of negative corona phenomenon, the corona roller and compaction roller must be a strict static and dynamic balance test, radial run requirements less than 0.05 mm, the purpose is to ensure that the Engineering Plastic flat into the corona roller, Into the air, so as to avoid the phenomenon of negative corona.
  Engineering Plastic manufacturers of products in the agricultural cultivation has a pivotal role, but in production, sometimes because some abnormalities lead to Engineering Plastic wrinkles, which is very affected the use of Engineering Plastic, in the end what is the reason?
    Engineering Plastic fold phenomenon, mainly because of the uneven thickness of Engineering Plastic, and the cooling effect is not enough time, easily lead to engineering plastic folds; of course, Engineering Plastic blowing ratio is too large is one of the reasons, because it will cause The film bubble is unstable, so that it is about to swing back and forth, which is also prone to wrinkles; the gap between the guide roller is not parallel to the impact of film stability and flatness, will lead to product wrinkles.
    Engineering Plastic manufacturers said the pressure on both sides of the traction roller is inconsistent, while the high side is caused by engineering plastic fold another reason, so you want the necessary engineering plastic folds, but also need to pay more attention to this information.