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Engineering Plastic Thickness And Width Selection Requirements

Sep 19, 2017

Engineering Plastic thickness and width selection requirements
    Engineering Plastic thickness and width of the impact of our use, then how should choose the thickness and width of Engineering Plastic it? The following by the Engineering Plastic manufacturers to tell you about the thickness and width of Engineering Plastic selection requirements.
    Different crops, different ways of covering the need for different width of the film, too wide and too narrow will not work. In addition, it is necessary to compare the thickness of the film. The thickness of the film is not related to the effect of increasing production, but it is very close to the investment cost. 0.005 mm high resistance plastic film per kilogram can cover 0.32 acres of land, and 0.012 mm ordinary membrane can only cover 0.6 acres of land, so should use thin.
 At present, China's Engineering Plastic industry is in a booming stage, it is reported that China's demand for Engineering Plastic will be more than 9% annual growth rate. And with a variety of new materials, new equipment and new technology continue to emerge, will promote China's Engineering Plastic toward the variety of diversification and multi-functional composite film direction.
 Engineering Plastic transmittance is a very important product indicators, improve the transparency of Engineering Plastic can increase crop yield, the following by the Engineering Plastic manufacturers to introduce you to improve the transparency of Engineering Plastic method.
    Where there is no condition to use greenhouses Engineering Plastic, should be used to reduce the way to reduce the attached water droplets. It has been proven that the membrane can be compared with the non-drop film. The specific approach is: 15 to 20 days before the frost in the greenhouse room, about 30 days later, choose no wind, sunny noon, the film removed to turn, so that the original side of the turn down, and then fixed. This greatly reduces the water droplets, can greatly improve the light transmittance.
 High temperature of the case can easily damage the Engineering Plastic factory direct Engineering Plastic, so when used must pay attention to the following by Xiaobian to tell you about the impact of high temperature on Engineering Plastic.
    In high temperature weather, Engineering Plastic easy aging rupture, especially Engineering Plastic and skeleton contact with the part, easy to form a hot spot, the maximum temperature can reach 80 ℃, this part of the Engineering Plastic are particularly vulnerable to aging damage. Vegetables can be tied with white plastic tape in the skeleton and membrane contact place, to avoid the destruction of Engineering Plastic by high temperature, the ultraviolet radiation is much stronger, thus contributing to the shortened life of Engineering Plastic.
 The above is for everyone to introduce the relevant knowledge, and our manufacturers warm tips you, in the high temperature environment must be on the Engineering Plastic to carry out certain protective measures to ensure the normal use of Engineering Plastic quality.
 Engineering Plastic is an indispensable item in modern agriculture, it can heat and moisture, improve the survival rate of crops, too high yield, important for agricultural production, how to properly lay the Engineering Plastic is also very important, the following by the Engineering Plastic production Manufacturers to introduce you to the Engineering Plastic laying attention.
    Paving Engineering Plastic, preferably in the morning or evening, the temperature is low, there is no strong wind season, the laying of Engineering Plastic should be evenly stretched in all directions to prevent the emergence of horizontal wrinkles (prone to dripping). If the temperature is high when the film, Engineering Plastic should not be pulled too tight, because the temperature is high, the engineering plastic easy to stretch, a temperature drop or evening, retraction, easy at the node shed shed. When laying Engineering Plastic, should try to avoid mopping the floor, to avoid scaffolding punctured. The top of the ceiling and the curtain are installed at the same time. Found that engineering plastic holes or small cracks, it should be timely with a transparent adhesive tape. Do not install the covered plastic sheet when the temperature is too high, because the film is swell when hot; shrinkage in the cold film can cause breakage. Check the ground before opening the film to prevent objects from piercing and scoring Engineering Plastic.