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Features Of Stainless Steel Roller

Oct 18, 2017

Features of stainless steel Roller
First, what is the stainless steel Roller
It is fundamentally carbon steel galvanized, carbon steel chrome, carbon steel plastic and other raw materials, and we have to say about stainless steel, stainless steel Roller stainless steel is also called stainless steel acid, the primary finger of resistance to air, water and other weak corrosive media Perhaps Acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive media corrosion of steel, in our real life will generally be resistant to chemical corrosion of steel known as acid-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant medium corrosion of steel known as stainless steel, so it has Anti-corrosion, anti-wear characteristics, generally used in box-type transport areas, such as baggage delivery, logistics and distribution centers, of course, also touched other industries.
Second, small common sense
Stainless steel Roller according to its type of selection, the practice is divided into non-powered Roller, single-chain Roller, double-chain Roller, pressure roller, etc., often used fixed method with tension spring pressure, Shaft pin hole type. We also know that the general will be on the Roller for a certain appearance, commonly used in galvanized, chrome, plastic and so on. In addition to the need to pay attention to the general circumstances of the product according to the length of the tube, the size of the shaft, the length of the axis, as well as the difficulty of the size of the operation, the quality of the price of the judge.
Third, small features
The reason why stainless steel Roller is typical, naturally because it has many features, the general can be summarized as the following:
1, stainless steel Roller planning exquisite, sensitive components, both satisfied with the beautiful requirements, but also to achieve ultra-quiet, no noise characteristics;
2, stainless steel Roller end cap planning, the maximum limit to avoid dust fall into, conducive to adhere to clean;
3, stainless steel Roller fine ball bearing planning and use, excellent smooth method, sensitive together with special special environment to work, improve work efficiency;
4, stainless steel Roller raw materials, strong anti-corrosion anti-wear ability, the maximum limit to ensure its integrity, high precision, good quality.
Buy a power roller is also a major event, many of the factory are inseparable from it, and today to share with you the purchase of skills, after all, we rarely professional people, so we understand the power of the Roller is necessary The This is the main parts of the conveyor, this equipment is mainly used to achieve the automatic way to transport the goods, with special convenience, greatly reducing the labor force, improve economic efficiency. While maintaining the maintenance is also very convenient, the factory choice this is very good.
First, depends on the power of the sprocket
The power of the sprocket wheel is very important, which is related to the power roller can deliver the weight of the goods and power. Normally speaking, four hundred watts of motor drive six to eight meters of the Roller line is no problem, as the specific is a few meters, but also look at the weight of the goods, the heavier items will choose a little shorter, or more power Big, specific or let the professional time to give you advice it
Second, look at the power roller shaft diameter and wall thickness
Because this is to a large extent, is related to the load-bearing problem, the thicker the shaft diameter, the more weight can bear; wall thickness problem is basically the same with this, this can also refer to the specific Rules, to the specific time to buy, professionals will give specific recommendations.
Third, it is best to look at the width of the Roller
This is from the technical level, mainly two aspects. Respectively, the width of the face and the width of the power roller line. The reason why the distinction between the beginning, of course, have a corresponding role, the width of the surface is mainly to determine the width of the delivery of goods, the width of the rack is to determine the width of the venue, so that we can decide a lot of things!