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Food Grade Plastic Anti - Seepage Method

Jun 28, 2017

Food Grade Plastic anti - seepage method
  Food Grade Plastic manufacturers in the production of products, there must be a seams exist, this time must ensure that the quality of the film connection is good, or when the product is prone to the problem of deepening and cracking, so the necessary anti-seam method users Friends need to understand clearly.
    The use of Food Grade Plastic is made up of a number of narrow film, if the patchwork is too narrow, less adhesive area, forced to pull when it will cause the seam. Therefore, in the splicing to increase the bonding area, improve the bond strength, to avoid the use of seepage. And anti-rupture is required from the frame of the greenhouse with the material point of view, multi-purpose wire, aluminum wire, etc., these hard and sharp materials most likely to plastic film pierced. Therefore, the frame material must be done smooth surface, the tip of the pole, bamboo grinding light polished.
    The use of the above methods to cover the Food Grade Plastic manufacturers, which can effectively reduce the product out of the seam and rupture problems, to enhance its service life, want to know more Food Grade Plastic application information can inquire and look forward to your visit.
 Food Grade Plastic manufacturers in the use of products, the wind is very critical to the use of quality factors, which is the most worried about the problem friends, encountered windy weather, it is easy to scratch, so we need to take some way to enhance Food Grade Plastic wind resistance.
    In fact, to improve Food Grade Plastic wind resistance more than one way, we all know that in the annual 6-9 months, high temperature, light, strong aging film, usually in October for the film more appropriate, so in the winter Spring weather is bad, the plastic film high transmittance, strength, strong ability to fight bad weather, so you can adjust the time by adjusting the plastic film, delay the aging rate.
    Food Grade Plastic manufacturers said the addition of plywood is also a relatively good way to enhance the anti-wind, can be installed north-south pultrusion rope, through the addition of east-west, up and down spacing of 2-2.5 m crimp rope, and north-south lamination Rope into one, forming a network, which will greatly enhance the resistance of agricultural film.
 Food Grade Plastic manufacturers of product quality to a certain extent affected its use, the quality assessment criteria to understand, can be better to buy high-quality Food Grade Plastic, let's take a look at the specific quality assessment criteria.
    Food Grade Plastic is to meet the national standard, the national standard Food Grade Plastic thickness is 0.014mm, 0.008mm below the film belongs to the film, is prohibited to use, in the purchase should pay attention to observe the stretch, film stretch effect is Evaluation of the performance of film products, an important standard, high-quality film even in cold environment can still maintain a good stretch effect; according to the use of demand to buy the right amount of film, to avoid the use of endless waste.
    Food Grade Plastic manufacturers have advanced technology and technology, can provide you with quality assurance of quality products to ensure the use of film safety and quality, is your first film, look forward to your patronage.