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Food Grade Plastic Steam Into The Rapid Development Period

Jul 27, 2017

Food Grade Plastic steam into the rapid development period
    Food Grade Plastic is the most important Food Grade Plastic for automotive industry. It is mainly used in automobile engine and peripheral parts. The products mainly include GFP: A6, GFPA66, enhanced flame retardant PA6 and other products, and the peripheral parts of the engine are mainly heat and vibration parts , Most of the materials used in its components are glass fiber reinforced Food Grade Plastic.
       Food Grade Plastic has a good overall performance, especially after the glass fiber modified Food Grade Plastic, the main performance has been greatly improved, such as strength, product accuracy, dimensional stability, etc. are greatly improved. With the miniaturization of the car, the high performance of electrical and electronic equipment, machinery and equipment to speed up the process of light, the demand for food-grade plastics will be higher and greater. In particular, Food Grade Plastic as a structural material, its strength, heat resistance, cold resistance and so put forward a very high demand.
       The inherent shortcomings of Food Grade Plastic is also an important factor limiting its application, especially for PA6, PA66 two varieties, and PA46, PAl2 and other varieties have a strong price advantage, although some of the performance can not meet the development of related industries Claim. Therefore, it is necessary for a particular application area, through the modification, improve its performance, to expand its application areas.
       In addition, food-grade plastic varieties, more easy to use, the price is relatively cheap, these factors contributed to food-grade plastic peripheral components of the ideal choice of materials. Air intake manifold is the most typical application of modified Food Grade Plastic in the car, the first BMW will be glass fiber reinforced Food Grade Plastic raw materials for the production of intake manifolds in the six-cylinder engine; after the United States Ford Company and DuPont cooperation, common use of glass fiber reinforced P: A66 manufacturing intake manifold applied to the V6 engine, after the world's major car companies have followed up, modified Food Grade Plastic intake manifold has been widely used.
        Engine cover, engine cover, cylinder head cover and other components are generally modified Food Grade Plastic as the preferred material, compared with the metal material, the cylinder head cover as a case to reduce the quality of 50%, the cost reduced by 30%. In addition to the engine parts, the other parts of the car can also be used to enhance the Food Grade Plastic, such as oil filter, wiper, radiator grille and so on.
       Auto parts are also PA6 Food Grade Plastic's largest consumer market, more than one-third of total consumption. With the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of the car and PA6 food-grade plastic's own development, automotive PA6 is showing a rising trend year by year. The parts of the car that can be made with PA6 (including modified products) are air filters, enclosures, fans, wheel covers, baffles, interior trim, storage equipment cover, line cards, various electrical connectors Wait.