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Good Anti-Abrasion UHMWPE Machined Parts, UHMWPE Plastic Pipe Spacers

Jul 04, 2019

Basic Info

  • Material:PE

  • Kind:Engineering Plastic Sheet

  • Water Absorption:<0.01%

  • Contraction Percentage:<0.4%

  • Tensile Strength:(51~80)MPa

Product Description

UHMWPE has physical and chemical properties which are high wear resistance, low friction coefficient.
It can withstand repeated impact, vibration, mechanical performance is excellent, light weight, easy inst
-allation, no maintenance, low noise, smooth operation.
UHMW Characteristics
?Excellent impact resistance
? High mechanical strength
? Resistant to many solvents
? Excellent abrasion resistance 
? Continuous use temp. of -269 to 80 Deg.Cent.
? Minimum water absorbtion(0.01%)
? Extermely low ci-efficient of friction
ItemMethod of testUnitUHMW-PEABSPA66/nylonPCPOMPHV
Physical propertyDensityISO1183g/cm30.9351.02~1.041.13~
Mechanical  propertyBreaking strengthISO527N/cm22924.5~42.160.7~82.354.8~65.668.613.7~34.3
Impact strengthISO179KJ/cm2No damage160~44060~11071~9580~130160
Rockwell hardnessISO6508 4085~10985~120118120 
Thermal  propertyMelting pointISO3416oC136 225240166 
Vicat pointISO306oC134     
Distortion temperatureISO75/AoC8596~108182~244132~144170121
Expansion coefficientISO11359.210-4/oC1.50.95~
Electrical propertyVolume resistivityISO3915SL-CM10171015101410161015>1018
PermittivityISO60250 2.32.4~3.83.4~3.62.963.72.1
Moisture absorptionISO62%<0.010.2~0.451.50.150.25<0.01
unlistedScaling  Not easyeasyscaleeasyeasyNot easy
UHMW PE used as Dock fender facing Pad
The UHMW- PE panels are always custom made ,and  can be supplied with countersunk holes and chamfers(as per customers specification).
Dump truck
Dump hoppers
Advantage of us
More than 10 years experience in plastic production
Cooperate with leading raw material manufacturer 
High virgin grade with 100% high quality raw material
Package and delivery by international standard pallet
Packaging & Shipping
   Packing details:by pallets or according to your request.