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High Wear Resistant Self Lubrication Nylon Spacer

Feb 28, 2019

Nylon spacer features in high wear resistant, corrosion resistant, impact resistant and self-lubrication ability. They can be used for hoppers, silos and chutes. It is widely used in coal, cement, lime, mineral powder, salt and grain powder industry. Because of its excellent abrasion resistance, self-lubricity and non-sticking performance, Nylon products ensures the stable transport and secure storage.


Nylon spacer and nylon block is widely used in mining, coal preparation, metallurgical industry, thermal power plant, shipbuilding and other departments to transport liquid, solid, solid-liquid mixture funnel, sump, flap, scraper conveyor slide and so on.





1. High mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength. The specific tensile strength is much higher than metal, and the compressive strength is as good as metal. The tensile strength is close to the yield strength and is two time better than ABS. It has strong absorption capacity for impact and stress vibration, and its impact strength is much higher than ordinary plastics and acetal resin.

2. Excellent fatigue resistance, the original mechanical strength can be maintained after repeated bending of the workpiece. PA nylon spacer and nylon block is often used in occasions where the periodic fatigue of the escalator handrails, new bicycle plastic rims, etc.

3. High softening point, heat resistance (Nylon 46, high crystalline nylon has high heat distortion temperature, they can be used at 150℃constantly. After reinforced by glass fiber, PA66’S heat distortion temperature reaches 250 degrees).

4. Smooth surface, small friction coefficient, high wear-resistant. When used as a moving mechanical component, and the noise is low. It can be used without lubricant. In any condition if it is necessary, both water oil and grease can be used to reduce friction and help heat dissipation.

5. Corrosion resistant to alkali and most salt liquids, also resistant to weak acids, engine oils, gasoline, aromatic hydrocarbon-resistant compounds and general solvents, inert to aromatic compounds. It can resist the erosion of gasoline, oil, fat, alcohol, weak cockroaches, etc. and has good anti-aging ability.

6. Self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, weather resistant, inert to bio-erosion, good antibacterial and anti-mildew ability.

7. Excellent electrical insulation, the volume resistance of nylon is very high, so does the breakdown voltage Nylon spacer and nylon spacer block can be used as a power frequency insulation material in dry and high humidity environment.

8. Nylon part also features in light weight, easy to dye and easy to form. It can flow quickly due to its low melt viscosity. It is easy to mold, quickly shaped, so the molding cycle is short and the production efficiency is high.