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How Can Polyethylene Food Special Board Warehouse Be Kept Safer?

Aug 06, 2019

Low-pressure high-density polyethylene is the polyethylene plate we usually say. It is widely used in transportation machinery, textile machinery, medical supplies and other industries. As a kind of excellent material, the characteristics of polyethylene food special board are derived from its function. Because polyethylene sheets are odorless, non-toxic, and widely used in the food industry, they are often referred to as polyethylene food boards. The following is a question about the storage of special plates for polyethylene foods. How to store polymer wear plates is safer?

         When stored in a warehouse, it cannot be stacked with acids, bases, salt and other aggressive materials. Avoid mixing and touch corrosion. Large steel or large diameter pipes can be stacked in the open air. Some small steel, steel plates and various cold-rolled, corroded metal products can be stored together with special plates for polyethylene food. The warehouse should be selected according to the geographical conditions. The general closed warehouse, the roof and the wall, the doors and windows must be strict, and the warehouse needs to be equipped with ventilation equipment. The warehouse should be used away from harmful gases or dusty factories. We will talk about the storage of polyethylene food special board first. I hope everyone can get some help through the above description. If you have any need for polyethylene food special board, you can contact our customer service staff. Our products are of reliable quality, strong technology and good service. We are very popular with our friends and friends. Thank you for watching. We look forward to your call and welcome to cooperate with us.