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How Is The True And False Of High-molecular-weight Polyethylene Sheets Effectively Identified?

Aug 01, 2019

High-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet is a kind of high-quality polymer sheet, which has been gradually applied widely. However, due to the production technology of some small-sized manufacturers of high-molecular-weight polyethylene sheets, some products with poor quality have entered the market. It has caused some troubles for users to purchase high-quality polymer polyethylene board products. Then everyone should master a certain method to distinguish the true and false of polymer polyethylene sheets, then how to distinguish the true and false of high-molecular-weight polyethylene sheets, today we will explain in detail:

1. First of all, we can see from the appearance that the polymer polyethylene plate is gray in color, dim gloss, uneven density of the cut surface, the real polymer polyethylene plate has very good gloss, and the density of the cut surface is very uniform, and the halo distribution is very dense. .

2. Look at the manufacturer's production qualification: Look at the manufacturer's inspection report on the molecular weight test report of polymer polyethylene sheets and related tests provided by the raw material manufacturers.

3. Let the manufacturer provide samples, and get the relevant departments to do the test, see if the molecular weight test report is more than 2 million. If it is true, otherwise it will be fake.

The main thing to distinguish the true and false of polymer polyethylene sheets is these. I hope that it will be helpful to the majority of users. When choosing high-polymer polyethylene sheets, we must conscientiously do these points. Only in this way can we obtain the ideal quality products.