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How Should The Wear Plate Be Bent?

Aug 14, 2019

The company's professionally produced wear plates have excellent low temperature toughness and can therefore be used in large welded structural parts and low temperature environments. More about the wear-resistant board, then let our professionals give you a simple analysis, I hope to help you.

    Wear plates are usually used in a wide variety of operating controls, especially in plant construction. In the various operation control of the wear plate, the difficulty is more important than the bending. This is mainly because the elasticity ratio of the product is poor. How to bend in this case? In this regard, of course, we also have a corresponding solution.

    First, press the outer diameter of the wear plate to rotate several rollers, then fix the roller firmly on the iron plate, fill the iron pipe with sand, and use the wooden stopper at both ends to prevent the roller from being used. The flame is folded after heating, but it takes a lot of effort. In order to bend the wear plate more simply and effectively, it is recommended to use a hydraulic pipe bender to bend the pipe, and the corresponding mold must be matched with the machine in advance, so that the wear plate that is bent out will not have defects, and the quality can be Guarantee.