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How To Deal With The Problem Of Degumming Of Polyethylene Shaped Parts

Aug 28, 2019

How to deal with the problem of degumming of polyethylene shaped parts, I believe this is also a topic that the majority of users are concerned about. Below we will sort out some knowledge points for this knowledge, as follows

What we should know about this knowledge is the phenomenon of degumming of polyethylene shaped parts after a period of construction. This situation is manifested when the construction workers tear off the protective layer from the polyethylene sheet after the construction is completed. Some of the glue will be left on the board product. Causes a decrease in aesthetics. If you want to remove the adhesive on the ultra-high molecular polyethylene sheet, you can use the degumming cleaning agent to clean. The cleaned sheet is smooth without glue marks and kerosene. And the process is simple, the cost is low, the labor productivity can be improved comprehensively, the cost is reduced, and no environmental pollution is caused.