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How To Detect Plastic Sheet Is Not Environmentally Friendly

Sep 08, 2017

How to detect Plastic Sheet is not environmentally friendly

Plastic Sheet produced by the manufacturer of Plastic Sheet can use it to dress any of the items, but in use, we have any way to detect it is not environmentally friendly products? If not environmentally friendly products, then the use of the process , Will cause some damage to the environment.

Speaking of its detection method, let us first think is the use of fire, in general, the toxic Plastic Sheet is not easy to ignite, and when it leaves the fire, it will appear off the phenomenon, if it is not Toxic products, its flame is mostly blue, burning when the smoke is small, there are waxy smell, and will be like candles "tears". Second, it can be identified through its voice, you can voice is the most effective way to grasp the Plastic Sheet force shake, such as the occurrence of crisp sound that the plastic sheet of high environmental value.

The above identification method I believe you should know, if you have a better way, we can share with us, I believe in this process, we will learn a lot of knowledge, let us wait and see!

The type of Plastic Sheet is more and more, but in the use of the process, it has what the characteristics of today Xiaobian put their knowledge to know the introduction to you, the specific understanding of it!

Speaking of its characteristics, let us first think is to have a certain publicity, when it is produced in the time, it can be printed on it in a variety of publicity on the knowledge, and in the printing process, it is Very strong, the use of the process, it will not easily appear to fade phenomenon, it is important that it has good practicality, in the production process, the use of plastic material production, can be very resistant to acid and other To the corrosion, and can be repeated repeated use.

Plastic Sheet manufacturers tell us that there are a lot of people in the use of Plastic Sheet after the random throw, so that we will have a great threat to the environment we live, let us explain the following it Harm it!

It can be said that this product it is indispensable in our lives, but its existence also brought a lot of harm to the environment, in the use of the process, it is not easy to be decomposed by natural micro-organisms, in the course of the use Scattered in the streets of the city, thus increasing the difficulty of its recovery, if it is put on the farmland, affecting the development of agriculture, it is easy to mix in the soil continue to accumulate on the crop to absorb nutrients and moisture is hindered, serious will lead to crops Cut production.

More seriously, the occupied land has not been restored for a long time, affecting the sustainable use of land. And it is not easy to degrade, this will be on the soil water and air penetration and diffusion inhibition of plant growth.

Plastic Sheet is now widely used, but in the use of it, it has what kind of performance? Xiao Bian today to know their own knowledge to introduce to everyone, a specific understanding of it!

First of all, we need to know is that this product it is necessary to undergo a rigorous production process made, so in the use of the process, you will find that it is excellent chemical stability, but in the use of the process, Acid, alkali and other chemical substances or weak resistance, need to pay attention. Followed by a good electrical insulation function, under normal circumstances, the other products are poor electrical conductor, after using it, or has a good muffler, shock absorption, but also has a very good extension.

Speaking of its usefulness, first of all in the use of its process, you will find, especially in the winter, the use of non-toxic Plastic Sheet storage cabbage. Especially in the temperature above 0 ℃, the Plastic Sheet can be used to cover the upper cabbage, no Zhakou, root poke down on the ground can be. The second is that in the summer, we wear a white vest for a long time it is easy to wash clean, but we can clean it, then hit the soap or detergent gently rub it, no longer rinse, into the Plastic Sheet , Then tie the mouth, on the sun drying 1 hour, and then take it out to clean it.