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How To Detect The Environmental Performance Of Engineering Plastic

Sep 08, 2017

How to detect the environmental performance of Engineering Plastic

Engineering Plastic manufacturers in the production of Engineering Plastic in our lives occupies an important position, but the use of it, how should we test its environmental performance? Today Xiaobian put their knowledge to know to everyone, the specific To understand about it!

First of all, we can use the fire method, in general, if it is toxic products, it is not easy to ignite, and when the fire source left, it will immediately extinguish, and in the air is also accompanied by stimulation Sexual smell, if it is not toxic products can be lit, the flame is mostly blue, burning when the smoke less, when burning a paraffin flavor. Followed by the sound to identify, hand to seize the engineering plastic force jitter, such as the occurrence of crisp sound that the Engineering Plastic environmental value is high.

With the continuous progress of society, Engineering Plastic is playing an important role, its use to bring a lot of help, but in the use of it, is not able to use the product of toxicity, not only people The body caused harm, but also bring a lot of pollution to the environment.

Professional Engineering Plastic manufacturers tell us that Engineering Plastic is now has a very wide range of applications, but its use, but also to our environment caused great harm, then it has what harm? Today Xiaobian on To know the knowledge of their own to everyone, together for a detailed look at it!

Speaking of its greatest harm is the impact on agricultural development, which is because these products continue to accumulate in the soil, which also will directly affect the crops to absorb nutrients in the land, resulting in crop production. Followed by the growth of some animals caused a lot of damage, abandoned on land or water in the waste plastic products, some animals will be swallowed to the stomach, which also will lead directly to the phenomenon of death, There is the use of it will take up a lot of open space, the occupied land for a long time without recovery, affecting the sustainable use of land

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The use of Engineering Plastic to bring a lot of help, but when we use it, or need to pay attention to identify its quality, then how should it be identified? The following let us together to a detailed understanding What about it!

First of all, we need to know is that in the daytime, if we use the product it is above the irritating and disgusting and other unusual smell of Engineering Plastic, then this shows that this product is toxic, There is a possibility in the production process, which used inside the plasticizer or other additives used too much, then the quality of this product is relatively poor, there is the need to listen to its voice Is what, hand shake the engineering plastic, the sound of the rash is very crisp is non-toxic Engineering Plastic, and the sound of boring or no sound, is toxic packaging.

Engineering Plastic after processing has excellent chemical stability, but the acid, alkali and other chemical substances or weak resistance, followed by a good electrical insulation function, the general plastic woven bags are bad conductor. The last point is to have a good muffler, shock absorption. But also has a good extension, good anti-strike strength and so on.

Engineering Plastic are made of plastic film, and plastic film production process is the first blow molding. It is the procurement of raw materials, plastic particles through the blow molding machine blow molding machine to form the order specifications of the plastic film, then we can start the Engineering Plastic printing. In the printing process of Engineering Plastic, we have to press the required printing plate, the printing unit with a good plate and roll material, adjust the ink, you can start printing. Complete the above process on the Engineering Plastic can be fully formed.