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How To Enhance The Wind Resistance Of Plastic Sheet

Jun 28, 2017

How to enhance the wind resistance of Plastic Sheet
 Plastic Sheet manufacturers of product applications, the most afraid of is the windy weather, it is easy to scratch it, so we use Plastic Sheet when we should take the appropriate anti-wind measures, specifically how to do it?
    Want to improve the wind resistance of Plastic Sheet, plastic film can be installed by adjusting the time to delay the aging rate, we all know that in the annual 6-9 months, high temperature, light, strong aging film, usually in October for the change The film is more appropriate, so that in the winter and spring weather is bad, the plastic film high transmittance, strength, strong ability to fight bad weather, so the best choice for the installation of plastic film before 9 am or 4 pm after This time the temperature is relatively appropriate, the plastic film will not be too high because of the high temperature and adhesion together, in the installation of stretching plastic film will not be too large, its damage is small.
    Plastic Sheet manufacturers said that when faced with windy weather, you can also install the north-south pultrusion rope, through the addition of east-west, up and down spacing of 2-2.5 meters of the crimp rope, and north-south crimp rope into one, forming a mesh , Which will greatly enhance the anti-wind capacity of plastic sheeting.
  Plastic Sheet manufacturers that the excellent performance of the product is the key to its wide range of applications, in particular, its light transmission on the use of a very large impact of Plastic Sheet in the end how? Let's take a look at this information.
    Transmittance is a basic indicator of the light transmission performance of Plastic Sheet. Transmittance refers to the amount of light passing into the Plastic Sheet and the percentage of outdoor light. The light transmittance of Plastic Sheet is affected by the light transmission performance of greenhouse light-transmitting covering material and the shadow rate of Plastic Sheet skeleton, and the light transmittance of Plastic Sheet is changing at any time with different solar radiation angles in different seasons. The light transmittance of Plastic Sheet has become a direct influence factor for crop growth and selection of crop varieties.
    According to Plastic Sheet manufacturers said, even the plastic Plastic Sheet in the 50% to 60%, glass Plastic Sheet light transmission rate of 60% to 70%, solar Plastic Sheet can reach more than 70%, we need to choose according to actual needs The product!
 Plastic Sheet manufacturers in the production, will need to use corona treatment, in order to enhance the use of Plastic Sheet effect, but many people do not understand this day, we from its principle to a brief introduction to the corona treatment.
    Plastic corona treatment method is through the metal electrode and the corona treatment roller between the application of high-frequency, high-voltage power supply, so that the discharge, so that the air ionization and the formation of a large number of ozone, while high-energy EDM film surface. Generally high temperature, ozone resistance, high insulation silicone rubber roller. Under their mutual action, the surface of the Plastic Sheet is activated and the surface energy is increased.
    Plastic Sheet manufacturers said that through the corona treatment can be polyolefin film wet tension increased to 38 dyne / cm; polyester film surface wet tension can reach 52-56 dyne / cm or more, but the main Plastic Sheet and electricity Halo treatment roller should avoid sandwiched between the air, otherwise it may make the reverse side of the film is also corona treatment