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How To Improve The Application Performance Of Polymer Polyethylene Lining Plate

Jun 03, 2019

We should all know. Polymer polyethylene liner is an advanced high-tech engineering plastic sheet, now and China has gradually been widely used, but with our production needs, we will continue to move forward high-tech engineering plastic sheet application function, then how to be useful forward, today for us to elaborate on: In order to improve the function of polymer polyethylene liner, the first step is to start from the fundamental link, that is, polymer polyethylene liner manufacturing process, can be appropriate in the manufacturing process of polymer polyethylene liner to add some treated inorganic filler, the use of these inorganic fillers can not only be useful to reduce the friction coefficient of polymer polyethylene lining,

    Together can forward polymer polyethylene lining plate resistance to high temperature function.

    Polymer polyethylene liner heating will show deformation problem, in fact, this polymer polyethylene liner thermal deformation problem is inevitable, but we can properly add some metal powder in the production process to advance the thermal deformation of the polymer polyethylene liner temperature, forward its thermal conductivity function. Useful forward the use of polymer polyethylene liner method is mainly these, we must follow the instructions to carry out the correct operation, and then give full play to its function, for us to bring higher work efficiency.