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How To Improve The Wind Resistance Of Engineering Plastic

Oct 10, 2017

Engineering Plastic manufacturers use the product, the wind resistance is very critical to the use of quality factors, which is the most worried about the user's friends, encountered windy weather, it is easy to scratch it, so we need to take some way to enhance the Engineering Plastic The wind resistance.
In fact, to improve the wind resistance of Engineering Plastic more than one way, we all know that in the annual 6-9 months, high temperature, light intensity, Engineering Plastic aging speed, generally in October for the film more appropriate, so in winter Seasonal weather is bad, Engineering Plastic, high transmittance, high strength, strong ability to fight bad weather, so you can adjust the Engineering Plastic installation time, delay the aging rate.
Engineering Plastic manufacturers, although the application has been very wide, and by the majority of users unanimously approved, but in use, want to get a good application effect, then some of its related characteristics must be clear to understand.
As the Engineering Plastic in the printing and composite process to be the role of mechanical force. Requirements of Engineering Plastic must have a certain degree of mechanical strength and flexibility. The physical and mechanical properties of Engineering Plastic mainly include tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, impact strength, etc. In addition, the firmness of the aluminum plating on the aluminum plating should meet the requirements. In the printing process also need to contact the ink, adhesives and some organic solvents.
Therefore, the Engineering Plastic manufacturer's products must be exposed to these chemicals have a certain resistance to resistance, so as not to be affected, so it can also enhance the life of some Engineering Plastic!
Engineering Plastic manufacturers in the production, will need to use corona treatment, in order to enhance the use of Engineering Plastic effect, but many people do not understand, and today we from its principle to briefly introduce the corona treatment.
Engineering corona treatment method is through the metal electrode and corona treatment roller between the application of high-frequency, high-voltage power supply, so that the discharge, so that the air ionization and the formation of large amounts of ozone, while high-energy EDM impact film surface. Generally high temperature, ozone resistance, high insulation silicone rubber roller. In their common role, so that the surface of the Engineering Plastic to activate, the surface can increase.
Engineering Plastic manufacturers said that through the corona treatment can be polyolefin film wet tension increased to 38 dyne / cm; polyester film surface wet tension can reach 52-56 dyne / cm or more, but the main Engineering Plastic and electricity Halo treatment roller should avoid sandwiched between the air, otherwise it may make the reverse side of the film is also corona treated
Engineering Plastic manufacturers products corona treatment we are no stranger, but if the corona treatment, Engineering Plastic and corona treatment between the sandwiched between the air, it is easy to be the opposite side of the film is also corona treatment, which is We have to talk about the negative corona today
Engineering Plastic corona may cause the film to produce ink printing anti-sticking phenomenon; also may make it in the aluminum will occur when the transfer of aluminum, plastic coating will occur when the transfer layer. It is necessary to prevent the film corona need to adjust the corona treatment roller before the rubber press roller pressure, pressure roller pressure at both ends of the same pressure and pressure should be appropriate.
Engineering Plastic manufacturers in order to avoid the occurrence of negative corona phenomenon, the corona roller and compaction roller must be a strict static and dynamic balance test, radial run requirements less than 0.05 mm, the purpose is to ensure that the Engineering Plastic flat into the corona roller, Into the air, so as to avoid the phenomenon of negative corona.
Engineering Plastic manufacturers said the addition of plywood is also a relatively good way to enhance the anti-wind, can be installed north-south pultrusion rope, by adding east-west, up and down spacing of 2-2.5 m of the crimp rope, Even into one, forming a network, which will greatly enhance the wind resistance of Engineering Plastic.