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How To Install Polyethylene Damping Pad

Jun 03, 2019

In high-rise buildings, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, elevators, electrical equipment and other noise and oscillation pollution is becoming increasingly serious. And the presentation of polyethylene damping pad can deal with the above problems very well.


So today our manufacturers will give us a specific introduction to the polyethylene damping pad installation process, so that you in the future of the device smoother, the following together to see the specific situation. Polyethylene damping Pad is made of polyester fiber, acrylic fiber and other chemical fibers through the glue-free skill compound, the front and then by waterproof coating treatment.

Before the installation of polyethylene damping pad, the operating interface is collated, such as the floor smoothness is poor, it is necessary to do 1:3 cement mortar leveling layer, thickness according to the unevenness of the determination. Using meters to measure the scale of polyethylene damping pad size of the laying device, according to the device polyethylene damping pad door width cutting must be laid, pay attention to the cutting should fully consider the wall around the device polyethylene damping pad flanging height, in general, the flanging height of 20cm, but the flip edge of the damping pad is often curved,


Leads to the visual fault of the flanging height, so try to turn the edge as much as possible. Sound insulation pad seam treatment, polyethylene damping pad laying at the junction should be regular seal, the seam at the same time with tape sealed strict, to avoid the construction of upper concrete, cement slurry into the damping pad, the formation of Sound bridge.


Reinforcement concrete pouring, reinforced concrete pouring attention to steel bars do not prick the damping pad, resulting in concrete into the damping pad below. Now, polyethylene damping pad is the primary application in residential, hotel, hotel, campus, business Building, KTV, night General dance hall and other entertainment venues and other needs of sound insulation and shock absorption of the local, with excellent damping damping effect, is a cost-effective floating flooring information. It is expected that the installation process of the polyethylene damping pad introduced today will be of assistance to us.