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How To Reduce The Road Mat Pollution Problems

Nov 01, 2017

How to reduce the Road Mat pollution problems
The product of the manufacturer of the Road Mat will remain in the soil with the extension of the cultivation period, and the decomposition speed of the Road Mat is very slow, and the recovery rate of the residual film is low, and the residual film in the soil will increase. Pollution, resulting in decreased crop yields.
We need to improve the quality of the Road Mat to improve its recovery rate. If the current widely used film thickness slightly increased, and add some anti-aging chemical substances, not only to extend the life of the film, improve its warming, moisturizing effect, but also conducive to clean recovery. Combined with the actual production, improve agronomic technology, and promote film recovery. Mainly to seize the opportunity to determine a reasonable period of the film.
Road Mat manufacturers that effectively carry out Road Mat pollution prevention and control work, has become today must be taken seriously, through the above method to a certain extent, slow down the Road Mat pollution problems, to achieve better application results.
Road Mat manufacturer's products have good water resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, so that the application of better results, the growth of crops also played a very good role, then the bottom of the Road Mat insulation performance?
Heating energy consumption is the main obstacle to the running of the Road Mat in winter. Improve the insulation properties of road mats, reduce energy consumption, is to improve the efficiency of greenhouse production the most direct means. The insulation ratio of the Road Mat is a basic measure of the thermal insulation performance of the Road Mat. Road Mat insulation ratio refers to the smaller thermal resistance of the greenhouse light transmission material coverage and thermal resistance of the larger greenhouse cover area with the area of the sum of the ratio, that is greater insulation ratio, indicating the insulation of the Road Mat The better the performance.
Road Mat manufacturers of product quality and performance requirements are higher, have to undergo a rigorous quality testing to ensure that its use of good results, in all around have a good use, and highly recognized, is your best choice.
Road Mat manufacturers of products used by the user is very recognized, in its use, the specification is very critical operation, you can better protect the use of Road Mat effect, the following we have a detailed look at this information.
In the application of Road Mats, spraying pesticides to be careful not to spray on the Road Mat, especially with sulfur or chlorine components of pesticides, fungicides, will affect the life of the Road Mat, in the installation of Road Mat when not tight, When the time, the Road Mat will be constantly and quickly beat the skeleton, resulting in damage to the Road Mat, the aging of the bamboo pole in the fracture after easy to scratch the film, etc., to avoid the temperature is too high, in high temperature weather, easy to break the Road Mat.
Want to improve the greenhouse light farming rate, in addition to the design of a good lighting angle, to promote the use of non-drip, the management should be every 5 to 7 days, rinse the surface of the greenhouse film, cleaning dust, Can improve the light transmission rate of 5% to 8%. Or the new Road Mat tiled, sprinkled fine soil or gypsum powder, if not, can be used locally with loam, but must be fine, with a towel or cloth repeatedly wiped several times and then wipe clean. Covering the film will be processed inward, can reduce the water droplets attached.
Road Mat manufacturers said that through the above mentioned, we can see the use of Road Mats or to be very careful, or if the damage is very affected by the effect of more information can be asked to inquire.