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How To Slow Down The Aging Of Engineering Plastic

Nov 01, 2017

How to slow down the aging of Engineering Plastic
In the process of using the Engineering Plastic manufacturer's products, in the light, heat, machinery, chemicals, microorganisms and other effects, often by the soft blunt, translucent performance degradation and other undesirable phenomena, while the color gradually from the color to brown Yellow, and finally, even by hand rubbing into pieces.
The phenomenon is known as the aging of Engineering Plastic, Engineering Plastic aging time longer, and its longer life. Engineering Plastic aging resistance is good or bad, of course, is determined by the enterprise's film formulations and processing molding technology, but the relevant practice has proved that the same film in a similar climate environment, due to the use and conservation methods, anti-aging time Not the same, so the proper use and proper maintenance is also to extend the life of Engineering Plastic two important links.
Therefore, want to slow down the Engineering Plastic manufacturers aging products to enhance its service life, in addition to regular manufacturers to buy quality products, but also the need to correctly use the Engineering Plastic products and do the relevant conservation can be.
In the Engineering Plastic manufacturers of product applications, the most afraid of is the windy weather, it is easy to scratch it, so to take the appropriate anti-wind measures to make it the best application results, what specific measures?
Want to improve the wind resistance of Engineering Plastic, plastic materials can be adjusted by adjusting the time to delay the aging rate in the annual 6-9 months, high temperature, light intensity, Engineering Plastic aging speed, generally in October for the film more appropriate, So that in the winter and spring season, bad weather, Engineering Plastic, high transmittance, strength, strong ability to fight bad weather, it is best to choose before 9 am or 4 pm after the installation of Engineering Plastic, Engineering Plastic at this time Not because of the high temperature and adhesion together, in the installation of tensile Engineering Plastic will not be too large, less damage.
When encountered windy weather, the Engineering Plastic manufacturers recommend the installation of north-south pultrusion rope, through the addition of east-west, up and down spacing of 2-2.5 meters of the crimp rope, and north-south crimp rope into one, forming a mesh Will greatly enhance the wind resistance of Engineering Plastic.
In the Engineering Plastic manufacturers of products for printing, we must take into account the impact of static electricity, to understand the reasons for the static, in order to achieve better results, which can be divided into micro and macro two reasons in order to achieve better Use effect.
The microscopic cause of static electricity produced by Engineering Plastic is mainly based on atomic physics theory, when the material is neutral in electrical balance, due to the contact of different substances produce electronic gains and losses, so that the material lost electrical balance, resulting in electrostatic phenomena. The macroscopic reason is that the friction between the objects heat, stimulate the electron transfer; objects between the contact and separation of electron transfer; electromagnetic induction caused by the surface of the unbalanced distribution of the surface; friction and electromagnetic induction of the combined effect.
So we use the Engineering Plastic manufacturers of products, we must take into account the potential harm caused by static electricity, so that we can better grasp the production process of woven bags, to achieve better results.