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How To Solve The Mud Truck, Dump Truck Car Sticking To Dirt, Wet Material?

Jun 21, 2019

How to solve the mud truck, dump truck car sticking to dirt, wet material? My company supplies patented products polymer non-materials series carrier bottom plate, effectively solve the material transport of corrosive carrier saline carrier plate unloading is not clean, the need for manual cleaning and other shortcomings. I plant the production of carrier plate / through high-pressure molding / molecular weight connection tight / water absorption rate is 0.01% low, increased wear resistance and impact resistance.

According to a variety of models to custom-made processing of various sizes of sliding wear-resistant car skateboards. My company's products can greatly improve work efficiency, shorten the unloading time, the carrier will no longer appear in the discharge material is not clean or material stod on the carrier board phenomenon. This product itself lubrication anti-impact. With high wear resistance and very low friction coefficient, to prevent material flow blocked. Material has water repellent, it is not wet with water, not affected by material humidity. Therefore, the material will not adhere to the carrier bottom plate, especially in the high cold area open-air operation, will not be due to the temperature is too low caused by wet materials and the bottom plate frozen together;