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How To Solve The Phenomenon Of Water Droplets Of Plastic Sheet

Aug 29, 2017

How to solve the phenomenon of water droplets of Plastic Sheet
    Plastic Sheet manufacturers use the product will appear dripping phenomenon, which will greatly affect the use of the film effect, many methods can not be eliminated, what methods can be avoided or reduce the occurrence of this anomaly?
    When using Plastic Sheet, try to avoid the high temperature within the shed, droplets and other functional additives in the high temperature conditions precipitation faster, resulting in the phenomenon of white film, affecting the film fog effect and light transmittance. After the purchase of the film should be used immediately, storage should pay attention to sunscreen, moisture, storage period should not exceed twelve months. In order to achieve good effect of the use of droplets, we must pay attention to flatten the deduction shed, to prevent the emergence of artificial folds, pay attention to the tilt of the greenhouse generally not less than 25 degrees, so as not to affect the effect of droplets.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers to produce products are positive and negative points in the use of attention to the use of instructions, pesticides and sulfur fumigation, etc., will reduce the life of the film, when we found that there are water droplets within the plastic film, can not let any matter, otherwise The crop will have an impact on crop yield.
 Although the Plastic Sheet manufacturers of their own light transmittance than ordinary agricultural light transmission rate is higher, but due to the use of plastic film for a long time there will be a layer of adhesion will affect the transparency of plastic sheeting, for this problem, we have to How to solve it?
     The traditional solution is to take a clean soft cloth quietly wipe, time-consuming and improper operation will also damage the formation of plastic film, this approach is the local farmers to create a simple plastic film cleaning zone. The use of the method is also very simple to one end of the cloth fixed in the roof, the other end fixed in the shed, the length is slightly better at the shed span, so that the cloth will swing with the wind, which has a fluffy end of the soft film On the attachment, so as to adhere to the cleanliness of plastic sheeting, increase the transparency of plastic sheeting.
     Through the above method can effectively enhance the application of Plastic Sheet manufacturers light transmittance, greatly enhance the photosynthesis of crops, is very popular with friends and friends recognized a way to enhance the light transmission.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers need to use a certain light transmittance products, and some crops on the higher requirements of light transmission, so need to take some measures to enhance its light transmittance, what is a good way?
    Want to improve the greenhouse and animal husbandry light transmission rate, in addition to the design of a good lighting angle, to promote the use of non-drip, the management should be every 5 to 7 days, rinse the surface of the greenhouse film, cleaning dust, Can improve the light transmission rate of 5% to 8%. Or the new plastic film tiles, sprinkle fine soil or gypsum powder, if not, can be used locally with loam, but must be fine, with a towel or cloth repeatedly wiped a few times and then wipe clean.
   Plastic Sheet manufacturers that the use of sunscreen method can also reduce the attached water droplets, or cover the film will be processed inward, can reduce the water droplets attached to greatly improve the film's light transmittance.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers in the production, the material on its performance is very large, especially polyester material products, today we come to understand the characteristics of polyester Plastic Sheet, to get a better application effect.
Polyester material is essential for Plastic Sheet raw and auxiliary materials, such polyester film with excellent electrical insulation performance, apparent no defects, high light transmittance, and good coating processing performance and other characteristics; with excellent mechanical properties , Heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, moisture barrier, dimensional stability, tear resistance, weatherability and good coating performance characteristics of the polyester film is being developed to the use of solar photovoltaic industry.
Because of the good use of polyester film characteristics, let it have a certain market, Plastic Sheet manufacturers to produce products after a rigorous quality testing to ensure that the application of film products are good, sincerely welcome you to come to consult the purchase.