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Influencing Factors Of Polyethylene Liner Price

Aug 21, 2019

Polyethylene liner is a high-density plastic sheet that has emerged in recent years. It has been widely used due to its low friction coefficient and good self-slip property. With the increasing demand, large quantities of polyethylene liners have also entered the market, but because the specifications or quality of polyethylene liner liners are also uneven, what are the factors that really affect the price of polyethylene liners? What?

     First of all: because the raw materials used by the manufacturers are different, which leads to the difference in the price of polyethylene liners; the purchase of raw materials is divided into: First, the most expensive ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, of which 9 million molecular weight, 5 million molecular weight and 3 million molecular weight are the mainstream. product. Followed by high density polyethylene. Generally, the molecular weight is 50-100 million. More often, low-density polyethylene is used with a molecular weight of less than 300,000.

    Secondly, the price difference caused by the production process; through the 1SO9000 enterprises, all have a strictly controlled production process and production process, and a complete product inspection system. Production costs are reduced and prices are reduced at any time.

    Finally, the processing precision of polyethylene liners in the production process is different; the use of large-scale numerical control equipment and traditional mechanical equipment, resulting in different material utilization. The higher the rate is. The lower the price. The above three aspects are important factors in the difference in the price of the polyethylene liner market. Of course, many factors affecting the price of polyethylene liners, such as regional restrictions or domestic and foreign, may cause price changes. I believe that after you understand it, you can focus on choosing the right polyethylene liner.