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Installation Method Of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Lining Plate

Jun 05, 2019

Usually when the liner is installed, the longest side of the liner is mounted in a vertical direction, and if the plate is thinner (less than 20 mm) the vertical edge can be connected. For thicker liners, the edges should be cut into 45 degrees. In this way, the allowable length changes and a smooth plastic plane is formed in the storage compartment, which is conducive to the flow of materials.

The side of the plate laid along the direction of material flow, the use of docking can fully meet the requirements. In the concrete structure fixed lining technology in the concrete structure tank, hopper and other installation, especially for the old tank or hopper, it should be checked the strength of the concrete structure (the thickness and firmness of the cement layer is necessary), the thickness and structure of the concrete has a direct relationship with the firmness of the mounting liner.


According to the check results, select the appropriate fastening material. Generally with special expansive bolt joints, expansion bolts must be in a non-cracks, porous hard cement layer (in the case of the above situation is not available with plastic hinge nails, but also to ensure that the lining firmly fixed). The distance between the fixing bolts depends on the thickness and operating conditions of the lining plate.


Fixed liners generally use the following method with locking (anti-loosening) nut special sunk head steel bolts. The impact screw with the washer will impact the threaded screws into the steel plate, which can save the nut. In both cases, a large amount of drilling work is required, which means an increase in labor costs and tool wear fees, with higher installation costs. A more convenient way to secure a liner is to weld the steel plate with a threaded stud to the silo and chute.


In order to ensure the weld quality and prevent the welding production of high temperature on the plastic plate effect. Ceramic ring is used to protect arc atmosphere welding, arc concentration, welding parts are slowly cooled down, and formed a neat standard weld. Since the expansion coefficient of the liner is 2x10-4/℃, the fixed form of the liner must consider its free expansion or contraction in the event of a large change in operation or ambient temperature. Any fixed method should be designed with the benefit of the flow of bulk materials in mind, and the screw head mother is always buried in the lining plate.