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Instructions For Use Of PE Compartment Liner

Jul 30, 2019

1. Discharge the material after the initial use of the material to be stocked and stored to two-thirds of the capacity of the entire warehouse.

2. In the operation, it is necessary to keep the material in the warehouse of the material entering and leaving the warehouse, and keep the storage capacity of the material in the warehouse more than one-half.

3. Do not use external force to damage its structure and loosen the fastening bolts at will. The ambient temperature used is generally not more than 100 °C.

4. The time of the material in the quiescent state of the warehouse should not exceed 36 hours, and the material with water content less than 4% can prolong the rest time.

5. When the temperature is low, please note that the material avoids the formation of frozen blocks during the static time in the warehouse.

6. It is strictly forbidden to directly impact the liner.