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Issues To Consider When Installing High Wear-resistant Coal Bunker Liners

Aug 19, 2019

The high wear-resistant coal bunker liner is widely used in electric power, papermaking, port, dock, coal, textile, chemical, coking, environmental protection and so on. Its service life is longer than steel, and its wear resistance is 3-7 times that of carbon steel and stainless steel.

Self-lubricating, so the friction coefficient is small, no water absorption, high impact strength, non-bonding materials; alkali, acid, salt corrosion; hygienic non-toxic, non-aging, light weight, low temperature resistance.

Issues to consider when installing high wear-resistant coal bunker liners

High wear-resistant coal bunker liner products should be installed with no less than ten bolts per square meter.

The gap between the plates of each high wear-resistant coal bunker shall not exceed five millimeters.

During the installation of the high wear-resistant coal bunker liner, the bolt head plane requirements of the liner must be lower than the plate surface.


Precautions for use

In operation, it is necessary to always keep the material in the warehouse of the material entering and closing the material, and always keep the material storage in the warehouse more than one-half of the capacity of the entire warehouse.

For the first time, the material in the silo is stored to two-thirds of the capacity of the entire warehouse, and then discharged.

The hardness of the various materials is different. The material and flow rate shall not be changed at will. If it needs to be changed, it shall not be greater than 12% of the original design capacity. Changing the material or flow rate at will will affect the service life of the liner.

It is strictly forbidden to directly impact the liner.

Do not use external forces to damage its structure and loosen fasteners at will.

The ambient temperature should not be greater than 100 °C.

When the temperature is low, please pay attention to the static time of the material in the warehouse to avoid the formation of frozen blocks.

The time of the material in the quiescent state of the warehouse should not exceed 36 hours (please do not stay in the warehouse for viscous materials to prevent agglomeration), and the material with water content less than 4% can prolong the rest time.

The above is related to the wear-resistant coal bunker liner, I hope to help you.