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Light Weight And Easy Installation Nylon Roller

Feb 21, 2019

The nylon roller is light in weight and easy to install in the air. The nylon wheel has been widely used as a tower crane accessory in various lifting equipment, and gradually replaces the normal metal pulley with its great advantages. 

Advantages of using nylon roller

1, Light weight, easy to install in the air.

2, Good wear resistance, long service life.

3. Protect the wire rope and extend the service life of the wire rope. (The ratio of steel pulley can extend the service life of steel wire rope by 8 times)

4, No friction sparks, strong safety performance.

5, Can be used in long-term open-air operations.

6, Self-lubricating, long life with low temperature

The nylon riding wheel is an important product of abrasive grinding tools, and is an abrasive product after strong cutting and grinding products such as abrasive belt grinding wheels. Nylon wheel are mainly composed of nylon fiber mesh, grinding media (mineral sand), and bonding resin. Some additives such as endothermic additives, fillers and colorants may be added.

1. Light weight. It is only 1/7 of the manganese steel liner, which greatly reduces the weight of the inner cylinder. It can reduce unnecessary strength and power between components, and can reduce the inertia of movement. It is also very convenient for loading and unloading and maintenance.

2. Low Noise. Use in mechanical equipment and silos, hoppers and mixing barrels to reduce noise by 10-15 decibels. It has a protective effect on the physical and mental health of the post workers.

3, Excellent Mechanical Performance. MC oil-containing nylon is crystallized below its melting point, and its molecular weight is large. Therefore, the mechanical strength is much larger than that of ordinary nylon 6 and nylon 66. Especially, it has good creep resistance and fatigue resistance, so it can withstand heavy load for a long time. Without distortion.

4, Good Resilience. MC oil-containing nylon products can prevent permanent deformation of the curved surface, which can maintain the toughness against the breakage caused by repeated impact load, which is very necessary for the parts used to withstand high impact loads.

5, Good wear resistance and self-lubricating. Oil-containing wear-resistant nylon products can be used without any additional abrasive when used under normal light load and low speed. Nylon is characterized by slight wear during initial use and little wear afterwards. In addition, the coefficient of friction of MC oil-impregnated nylon is 0.3--0.4, and because of the low self-lubricating properties and water absorption of MC oil-containing nylon, It has self-cleaning properties that are difficult to bond with other materials.