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Main Application Of Engineering Plastic

Jul 17, 2017

Main application of Engineering Plastic

Engineering plastic creep resistance and good dimensional stability, a lot of is used for film, creep resistance and good dimensional stability, heat resistance, low water absorption, non-toxic, good dielectric properties, is only one of the five major engineering plastic products, with good transparency and general Engineering Plastic in recent years the fastest growing.

Engineering Plastic are commonly used in the following eight aspects:

1. Electronic appliances: CD, switch, home appliance shell, signal tube, capacitor, telephone, telephone exchange, signal relay and parts, etc. 2. Automobile: insurance rod, distributor, safety glass and so on;

3. Industrial parts: camera body, machine shell, safety helmet, diving mirror, safety lens, etc.

4. Optical illumination: large lamp shade, protective glass, optical instrument, etc.

5. High-precision parts: electronic computer, video video machine, etc.

6. Mechanical equipment: various gear, rack, worm wheel, worm, bearing, CAM, bolt, lever, crankshaft, ratchet wheel, mechanical equipment housing, cover and frame;

7. Medical devices: medical cups, tubes, bottles, dental instruments, medicine containers and surgical instruments, as well as artificial kidneys, artificial lungs and other artificial organs;

8. Other aspects: the building is used as double wall plate of hollow rib and glass of warm room; Textile industry is used for textile yarns, textile mills, etc. In daily used for bottles, tableware, toys, model, connectors, coil framework, pipe insulation, insulation, insulation casing, miner's lamp battery shell bag, tape, color video tapes, etc.

Engineering Plastic as the biggest one of the most important Engineering Plastic varieties, has a strong vitality, mainly lies in its modified to realize high-performance, followed by cars, electronics, communications, electronics, machinery and other industries to the requirements of the product's performance is more and more intense, the rapid development of related industries, promoting the progress of high-performance Engineering Plastic, plastic raw materials for the future development trend of modified PA66 is as follows.

1. The flame retardant nylon used for electronics, electrical and electrical appliances is increasing, and the greening flame retardant nylon is getting more and more attention from the market.

2. The market demand of high strength and high rigidity nylon is more and more big, the new reinforced material such as inorganic whisker reinforced will become important varieties, carbon fiber reinforced nylon, mainly used in automobile engine parts, machinery parts, as well as aviation equipment parts.

3. The research and application of processing AIDS will promote the functional and high-energy process of modified nylon.

Antistatic, conductive nylon and magnetic nylon will be preferred materials for electronic equipment, mining machinery and textile machinery.

5. Application of integrated technology, the refinement of products is the driving force for the development of its industry.

What is modified Engineering Plastic? Actually "plastics modification" refers to by one or more other is added in the plastic resin material, to change its original performance, improving on the one hand, or various performance, to expand the scope of the purpose of the method. Modified plastic materials are collectively referred to as modified Engineering Plastic. What are the methods of modification of modified Engineering Plastic?

1. Co-mixing modification: two or more high molecular compounds with similar properties are blended into polymer blends in proportion to a certain proportion.

2. Copolymerization modification: polymerization of two or more monomers with a copolymer, such as ethylene + propylene = ethylene propylene rubber; Acrylonitrile + butadiene + styrene = ABS resin.

3. Filling modification: adding a certain amount of filler in plastic can effectively reduce the cost of plastic production, and adding nanometer powder with special functions can be made into the corresponding functional mother material.