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Manufacturers Customize High Wear-resistant Polyethylene Buffer Strip Impact Buffer Equipment

Jun 18, 2019

Application and function of buffer bars: The division of buffer bed models is generally divided according to the type of slider, divided into ordinary type and flame retardant type, the former is generally used in power plants, transport machinery plant, cement plant, mines, port terminals and other industries, flame retardant type for coal washing plant, underground explosion-proof and other conditions used (flame retardant buffer bed flame retardant level to V0, anti-static to reach 3

10 of the eight squares, flame retardant sliders are generally black).

Main uses: Applied to the material (loading point) part of the belt conveyor, is a replacement product for the buffer roller. Its main role is to support and protect the conveyor belt, reliable and effective to avoid falling materials on the conveyor belt impact damage and fragmentation, to prevent the conveyor belt run off. Scope of application: suitable for all types of belt conveyors, especially for long-distance, high speed, large capacity, high-strength, poor conditions of belt conveyors.