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New Ban PE Industry Did From Good Times To Bad Times?

Sep 14, 2016

New board you must know that the ban PE plate, 2015 is the new "golden age" PE listed institutions has reached 25, total quantity less than new sanban enterprises 1%, but the financing scale of 30 billion.

Developing the best of times, the worst of times. PE financing money into compelling, and that "the tone of dominance, new PE PE industry get together to seize the" situation was suspended in December 2015.

Ban PE, a new plate for 2015

1, finance busy 11 PE 25% of the thawing market funds

2015 new third completed directional add-issuance is 121.645 billion yuan, have a 20 times increase in the PE plate, raised 30.059 billion yuan, 25% per cent of the entire market, volume is huge, it should not be underestimated, just come from 11 PE firm. Completed single will be increased, which lasted 6 months, Golden groups of 10 billion increase, ban history, became the new "single increased the most." "2015 St increase King" is not it, but increased 4 times, raised $ 10.8 billion of the CSM. In 2015, the former in the implementation of ten additional PE 6 seats, private equity will be increased to the baiyiji advance. Most boards will be increased during the year to implement is a steel stake of 29.8 billion, if the new ban will increase first on board can be 6th if according to this analogy, the PE institutions Board-level of financing in the ban.

Comparing a share, increasing process more convenient for the new ban, so that PE will increase very fast, for example maps November 14 2.683 billion of investment will be increased, embarked on December 23 the second sum will increase in a month, a difference of less than 10 days.

Red 2, performance, earnings leading the new Board

Ban PE plate has been released in 2015, according to the new report, 11 5 revenue growth, namely jiuding capital, CSM, Cowin, Darren owned pipe and Silicon.

According to the reported data in 2015, Silicon has become the most profitable of PE, operating income, net profits to win. CSM and jiuding Group also produced good results, with revenues of 757 million and 475 million Yuan, respectively led. Cowin than "top three" poor relation, however, compared with the same period last year, operating income growth of 169%. The remaining 7 "Dim sum" performance compared to plain.

Seen from the p/e ratio, the weighted average of these 11 PE 181 times earnings, dominate the new third market 47.27 times times average earnings.

3, high market value, sold 0.1% of the PE contribute about 17% market

Get in early 2015, and two rankings by market capitalisation at the end of, I found that only jiuding group rankings by market capitalisation in the TOP10 at the beginning a PE, 6 PE have rushed into the market late and rankings TOP10, and these 6 listed companies are valued at 256.514 billion yuan, new 16.73% your third market value, that is, total number of listed firms dominate a market value of about 17% 0.1%. Jiuding group, CSM, Silicon Valley sit top three spot in heaven.