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Nylon Slide Guide Rail In Bottle Filling Line

Feb 27, 2019

The slot and ridge is made of nylon which can greatly reduce the friction of moving device. Nylon guide rail is used to guide the machine parts, special equipment and other devices. It is widely used in linear reciprocating applications. A nylon guide rail have a much higher rated load than linear bearings and it can work withstand a certain torque. It provides a more precise linear movements with heavy loading.


Nylon Slide Guide Rail Manufacture Method

1. Profile Extrusion: made of nylon with 1.5 million~12 million molecular weight, max section area 1.2 square meter, 58kg per CMB. Max thickness 200mm, min thickness 2mm

2. Sheet Extrusion: made of pure nylon with 1.5 million ~ 12million molecular weight, sheet thickness is 0.2mm

The extruded molding nylon guide rail is more intense, more wear-resistant and more uniform.

Nylon guide rail can be glued together with rubber, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. No reinforcement is required, This reduces the required parts quantity, which saves costs and installation time.

Nylon guide rail can be embedded during the molding process. Components can be combined with the finished product when the molding is completed. This saves the post-forming installation and embedding process, which reduces the corresponding cost and reduces the risk of loosening the embedded parts.




Nylon guide rail is widely used in the coal hopper in coal power industry, the mixed silo in the steel industry, the coking plant, the coal tower, the coal blending room, the clay warehouse in the cement industry, the iron powder warehouse and so on.