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OM Gear And Nylon (PA66) Gears Are Widely Used In All Industries

Mar 07, 2019

The plastic gear are: straight gear, helical gear, worm gears, gear, bevel gear, planetary gear, tooth boxes, damping gear, involute gear, cycloidal gear, arc gear and other large and small gear, non-parose gear, Multi-process and complex plastic gear, foreign low noise gear.

Selecting the process parameter tooth combination can effectively achieve the design requirements, such as deceleration, speed increase, timing, energy conversion, positioning and fixed point.


POM gear and Nylon (PA66) gears are widely used in all industries. The main reason is that they have better fatigue resistance, high strength and high wear resistance than non-crystalline plastics. Plastic gears have many advantages over metal gears: plastic gears have the advantages of light weight, low noise, wear resistance, no lubrication, more complex shapes, and low production costs.

POM gears can be molded up to 18 inches in diameter and can be transferred to more than 10 horsepower.


Today they have many different applications, such as cars, watches, sewing machines, structural control facilities and missiles, to transmit torque and motion. In addition to the existing application areas, new and more difficult gear applications will continue to emerge, and this trend is still in the process of development.



POM gears are widely used in home electronics, massage chairs, power tools, medical equipment, office equipment, printers, fax machines, toy robots, mechanical equipment, adult health products, auto parts, fishing gear and many other industries.