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On The Influencing Factors Of Engineering Plastic

Jun 21, 2017

On the Influencing Factors of Engineering Plastic
   Engineering Plastic manufacturers in the pressure of Engineering Plastic pressure increases when the melting material by the shear effect, mobility is also increased, especially PE, POM more sensitive, so the molding should adjust the pressure when the plastic to control the flow of plastic. Molding can also control the material temperature, mold temperature and Engineering Plastic pressure, injection speed and other factors to properly adjust the filling situation to meet the molding needs.
The use of screw-type injection machine, the top of the screw in the screw rotation back and forth when the pressure is called plasticization pressure, also known as back pressure. The size of this pressure can be adjusted by the relief valve in the hydraulic system. In the injection, the size of plasticizing pressure is with the screw design, product quality requirements and the type of Engineering Plastic need to change the different, if these conditions and the screw speed are unchanged, then increase the plasticization pressure will strengthen the shear Cut the role, that will increase the melt temperature, but will reduce the efficiency of plasticization, increase the counter current and leakage, increase the driving power.
The cooling time is mainly determined by the thickness of the product, the thermal and crystalline properties of the Engineering Plastic, and the mold temperature. The end of the cooling time should be to ensure that the product does not cause changes in the principle of mold release, cooling time is generally about 30 to 120 seconds between the cooling time is too long is not necessary, not only reduce the production efficiency of complex parts will Resulting in stripping difficult, forced release even when the mold release stress.
  Understand the performance of products, to distinguish whether toxic. This is mainly to see what materials are made of Engineering Plastic, with or without the addition of plasticizers, stabilizers and so on. The general market for the sale of engineering plastic food bags, bottles, pails, kettles, etc., mostly polyethylene Engineering Plastic, hand feel a sense of lubrication, the surface like a layer of wax, easy to burn, flame yellow and waxy drops Fall, there is a smell of paraffin, this non-toxic plastic works. Industrial packaging engineering plastic bags or containers, mostly made of polyvinyl chloride, which added lead salt stabilizer and so on.
   Do not arbitrarily use engineering plastic products oil, vinegar, wine. Even if the market is selling white translucent bucket, it is non-toxic, but not suitable for a long time to install oil, vinegar, or easy to make Engineering Plastic swelling phenomenon, but also make oil oxidation, resulting in harmful substances ; Sheng wine also note that time can not be too long, too long will reduce the fragrance of wine and degree.
   Pay attention to maintenance anti-aging. People in the use of engineering plastic products, often encountered its hardening, brittle, discoloration, cracking and performance degradation, which is the aging of Engineering Plastic. People in order to solve the aging problem, in the engineering Engineering Plastic often add some antioxidants to slow down its aging rate, in fact, this did not fundamentally solve the problem. In order to make the engineering plastic products can be durable, mainly when used properly, not to sun exposure, not to rain, not on the fire or heating on the baked, do not often contact with water or oil.