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Overall Cost Performance Of Ultra High-component Polyethylene Sheets

Jul 24, 2019

Ultra-high-component polyethylene sheet material is one of the common engineering plastic sheet materials. Due to its superior performance, it can be used in many industries. So what are the advantages of its role in punching? ? According to the analysis, this ultra-high-component polyethylene sheet material as the punching material ensures the contact between the surface and the surface of the conveyor belt, and the force is even, avoiding the longitudinal bending of the belt formed by the lifting of the lift and the large The amplitude reduces the probability of longitudinal bending of the belt after it has been penetrated by the tool or material. The protection of the conveyor belt saves the cost, the sheet material can effectively reduce the bending of the small blanking point, the smooth surface of the sheet material minimizes the friction during operation of the conveyor belt, and greatly reduces the general repair and maintenance cost of the impact bed.

A typical ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet material is a semi-crystalline material which has a higher hardness and a higher melting point than a conventional sheet material. Since the temperature of the homopolymer type is very high above 0 ° C, many commercial polyethylene materials are random copolymers of 1 to 4% ethylene or a clamp copolymer of a higher ratio of ethylene. The copolymer type of sheet material has a lower thermal torque curve temperature (100 ° C), low transmittance, low gloss, low stiffness, but has stronger impact strength. The strength of the sheet material increases as the ethylene content increases.