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Plastic Sheet Should Strengthen Market Regulation

Sep 19, 2017

Plastic Sheet should strengthen market regulation
    Plastic Sheet manufacturer's quality of Plastic Sheet is directly related to the healthy development of agriculture, so that Plastic Sheet should strengthen market regulation, which is very necessary.
    To carry out agricultural Plastic Sheet early warning supervision and spot checks, is conducive to timely detection of quality and safety hazards, in order to strengthen agricultural pollution prevention and control, to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products to provide technical support. The relevant regulatory authorities must do the relevant regulatory work, so as to ensure the quality of the film. Through the relevant departments to supervise the mandatory quality assurance, to a certain extent, to ensure the quality of Plastic Sheet use, of course, our Plastic Sheet manufacturers are also constantly maintaining the quality of the use of Plastic Sheet.
    The above is for everyone to introduce the relevant knowledge of Plastic Sheet, and our manufacturers in the production of time, the quality is after several rigorous testing, we can rest assured to buy.
Plastic Sheet in the use of time if accidentally damaged, is very affect the normal use of everyone, the following by the Plastic Sheet manufacturers to tell you about Plastic Sheet damage repair methods and remedial techniques.
    Water remediation: first break the damaged, and then cut a slightly larger than the hole of the film, glue the water or the use of natural water droplets on the film attached to the hole; in the paste, the two air between the air Net, the two films by flat. Hot fill method: the first break at the break, and then cut a slightly larger than the hole in the same Plastic Sheet cover in the above, and then cast a layer of thin paper, electric iron on the paper slowly moving, the interface by hot melting, After cooling it sticks together. Paper Supplement: Plastic Sheet mild damage, can be used to repair paper repair, that is, cut a slightly larger than the hole piece of paper, dipped in water after the wet paste in the damaged, generally can be maintained for 10 to 15 days.
 Plastic Sheet is a very important tool in agricultural production, high-quality Plastic Sheet can greatly improve crop yield, the following by the professional Plastic Sheet manufacturers to introduce you to buy high-quality Plastic Sheet method.
    When purchasing Plastic Sheet goods, it is necessary to check whether there is a commodity certificate in the film, whether there is a product name, date of production, scale of implementation, PE, EVA multi-effect three-layer composite film surface Printed with a film surface orientation. When selecting an ultra-thin film, select a product with a higher machine function. In the selection of plastic film and cover the plastic film before the need to do "parallel flat tear" inspection, passing the film, "tear" is not showing a parallel linear.
 Plastic Sheet factory direct sales of Plastic Sheet is very extensive, but the high temperature will affect its use effect, the following by Xiaobian to tell you about the impact of high temperature on Plastic Sheet.
    In high temperature weather, the Plastic Sheet is easy to aging and rupture, especially the Plastic Sheet and skeleton contact part, easy to form a hot spot, the maximum temperature can reach 80 ℃, this part of the Plastic Sheet is particularly easy to aging damage. Vegetables can be white Plastic Sheet tied to the skeleton and membrane contact place, to avoid the high temperature of Plastic Sheet damage, the ultraviolet radiation is much stronger, thus promoting the life of Plastic Sheet greatly shortened.
  With the development and progress of agriculture, Plastic Sheet has become an indispensable material in agricultural production, the correct use of Plastic Sheet can greatly improve the output, play a huge role, but if improper operation or no wind can easily lead to Plastic Sheet Of the damage, the following by the Plastic Sheet manufacturers to tell you about the use of Plastic Sheet wind points.
    First of all, when the plastic cover must be pulled flat to ensure that the size of the area and the size of the greenhouse coincide. The wind is relatively large areas, you can set up in the wind on the wind barrier, thereby reducing the wind damage. In the cover when the film should be followed by pressure with the pressure film, every 1-2 sheds pull a film line, the line of elastic to moderate.
    The implementation of Plastic Sheet products for the growth of crops make full use of solar energy, reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers, so as to achieve high-yield, low-cost, high-quality large-scale agricultural production purposes. So we must remember when we use our Plastic Sheet manufacturers for everyone to introduce the wind method, the correct use of Plastic Sheet.