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Polyethylene Liner Why Is Widely Used In The Power Generation Sector

Sep 18, 2016

Through various experiments can prove, with polyethylene liner manufacturing processes and technologies continue to improve, which is widely used in the field, in recent years it also show their talents in power generation. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Board is the viscosity-average molecular weight of 3 million or more linear structure of polyethylene. When compared to other engineering materials, it has unparalleled abrasion resistance, impact resistance, self-lubricating, corrosion, temperature, sanitation nontoxic, non-stick, does not absorb water and other properties, as follows:

1, high wear resistance

Static coefficient of friction of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Board about 0.07, high wear resistance.

2, corrosion resistance

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene panels can be used in 80 degree of concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid 20% in 75% stable performance in.

3, impact resistance

Impact resistance of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Board ranks first in the nylon, both strong external impact, internal pressure fluctuations, it is difficult to make it crack. Its impact strength is 20 times times that of PVC, nylon 66 10 times, Teflon 8 times.

4, low temperature resistance

Lingxia269du at low temperature, has a certain ductility.

5, electrical properties

Volume resistivity large Breakdown voltage 50KV/mm, the dielectric constant is 2.3.

6, health-toxic:

Tasteless-toxic odorless non-corrosive.

Because ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene Board with these advantages, so its constantly expanding range of applications, instead of the traditional trend of engineering materials.

Through ultra high molecular weight polyethylene lining plates are usually continuous improvement and reform, our products have broad prospect in application of coal mine industry. Because the material is characterized by high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, high impact, low cost and good performance characteristics, can make use of the materials of coal mine machinery bearings, bushings, plates, filter press plates, spraying machine friction plates and sieve-plate, and so on.