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Polyethylene Sheet How To Better Safeguard?

Sep 18, 2016

In 1958 by Germany scientists clearly constitutes a way of high molecular polyethylene sheet, in the late 1960 of the 20th century completed their industrialization produced abroad, officially put into operation in China is the rib in the late 70 's tough initial resistance to abrasion, corrosion, shock-resistant, self-lubricating, exclusion of small, low temperature resistance and other properties abroad was referred to as "unique plastic" UHMWPE ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Board a new engineering plastics.

Due to the universal application of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene sheet will form a series of damage to it, so in daily life should be protected, here we introduce. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet in your life is a lot to see in the industry, has brought about great convenience to our life. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet from the surface adsorption capacity is small, its adhesion after Teflon non-stick the best materials in plastics, product appearance is difficult to stick foreign objects. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene board what should equipment protection, mainly the following: construction parts and equipment of doors, Windows, floor, wall, window etc should be carefully protected. To prevent damage. Electrical equipment must have a secure grounding method when using hand-held power tools such as drills, established Ying An earth leakage protection device. ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet wall appearance of semi-finished products, hosting application process should take care to ensure no deformation, no breakage, no moisture, no pollution. Should be taken to prevent wall panels in the construction method is not stable and suddenly dumped. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets in wall construction, should ensure that construction projects are not damaged. When using the ladder, should be established between two ladders rope, touch parts with rubber or linen wrapped stairs and floor to prevent slipping. Installed wall finished shall not crack. Adhere to the walls from damage and pollution.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plates (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) due to its superior performance, has been widely used in various sectors of national industry. UHMW-PE has been in the textile, paper, packaging, transportation, machinery, chemicals, mining, petroleum, agriculture, construction, electrical, food, health, sports and other fields has been widely, and begin to enter the field of conventional weapons, ships, cars and other. Polyethylene plate anti-impact sex (anti-impact sex home plastic of first), and resistance corrosion sex good, and excellent of resistance chemical performance, and density than other thermoplastic plastic low, friction coefficient low, and superior of release performance, and very end of of sucking water rate, and very good of electric insulation sex and anti-static sex, and moderate of mechanical strength, and rigid of resistance creep variable performance, excellent of mechanical processing performance, and continuous natural sex, and good of anti-high energy radiation performance.