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Polyethylene Used In Industries Lining Functions

Sep 18, 2016

Polyethylene liners use has been widely used in different industries, the mechanical properties of the products higher than high density polyethylene products, with outstanding impact resistance and heat-resistant features, the use of the product used in different industries, introduction information, please see this article for details.

Super polymer volume polyethylene lining Board application in cement plant, and power plant, enterprise has not new son has, cement plant, and power plant, high wear of enterprise great comes, it in textile, and paper, and packaging, and transport, and mechanical, and chemical, and mining, and oil, and agricultural, and building, and electrical, and food, and medical, and sports, field also are has himself of place, so said this products of application range is widely. Liners of these enterprises take advantage of such superior wear resistance, for their production services, creating great economic value. Processing technology of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene liner in recent years there have been major breakthroughs from the original development of sintering press to special equipment for extrusion molding, applications are also expanding.

Polyethylene liner is a good low temperature impact, self-lubricating, nontoxic, water characteristics of polymer materials. In the course of using, uhmwpe liner material have any requests?

1. run, want to keep the items into the warehouse fell on a pile of material in silo, and always keep warehouse stocks of materials in more than one-second of the total container volume.

2. the hardness of the material particles, are not free to replace the material and flow, if you want to change, and must not be greater than the original design capacity of 12%, feel free to change the material or traffic will affect the life of lining.

3. when first using polyethylene liner, for material storage silo to the whole container volume of two-thirds, then discharged.

This product is widely applied in various industries, such as pulp and paper industry, water treatment, and food and beverage machinery organized machinery, medical equipment and automotive applications the application of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet.

1, the pulp and paper industry:

Vacuum tank panels, dehydration Board, scraper, seal, cutter sleeve.

2, food and beverage machinery:

Wear resistance, impact resistance, not binding, health non-toxic, production, transportation, and other gear.

3, water treatment:

Sewage treatment plant sludge scrapers, screw conveyor liners, mud pump impeller, shaft, cleaning device of gears and sedimentation pool liner, etc.

4, textile machinery:

Impact resistance, abrasion resistance and self-lubrication, such as 36 gears, woven elastic buffer plate, bearing lining tiles and so on.