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Polyformaldehyde POM Slider

Mar 11, 2019

Polyoxymethylene (pom) is a high molecular organic compound, which is divided into low molecular weight and high molecular weight. The low molecular weight is generally liquid, colorless, odorless and insoluble in water. The high molecular weight is generally solid, milky white and thermoplastic, waxy feeling.


Features: low density, good toughness, good tensile properties, good electrical and dielectric insulation, low water absorption, low water vapor permeability and good chemical stability. Good tensile strength, non-toxic and harmless, long life, self-lubrication and impact resistance, extremely high wear resistance, due to its unique molecular structure, wear resistance is higher than general metal plastic products.


Pom slider mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness, toughness, good aging resistance, good mechanical damping capacity, good sliding, excellent wear resistance, good machining performance, for precise and effective control, no creep phenomenon Good anti-wear performance and good dimensional stability.


Pom slider application area:

POM sliders are widely used in chemical machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, electronic equipment, medical equipment, conveyor machinery, and anti-corrosion equipment for gears and parts. Wear parts, transmission structural parts, household appliance parts, conveying guide strips, automobile manufacturing parts, screw rods to prevent mechanical parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment, etc.