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Precautions For Coal Bunker Lining Installation

Jun 26, 2019

Precautions for coal bunker lining installation

1. Measure the space on site.

2. Set up the scaffolding and check the strength of the scaffolding (very important). The obstacles in the warehouse and the working plane should be cleaned first to ensure safe and smooth construction. The protection must be protected. The reinforcement should be reinforced and the size of the warehouse should be measured. According to the size of the warehouse, the layout of the layout is arranged reasonably, and then the coal lining lining is cut according to the shape and size of the warehouse body to form a shape that meets the requirements of the splicing installation in the warehouse. 1. The hole should be perpendicular to the wall of the bin; 2. The diameter of the hole is the diameter of the fixing bolt plus 0.5mm; 3. Drill (burn) with the drill (welding) to meet the specified hole; 4. The layout of the hole should be reasonable, press A uniform layout of 13/square meters.

Do the above work, then lay the cut plate in the bin, drill the corresponding tapered hole, insert the fixed steel bolt, tighten the nut on the outer wall of the bin, and arrange and install as required.

Any method of installation should be considered to facilitate the flow of bulk materials, so the transverse joint perpendicular to the direction of material flow should be spliced by a 45 degree press and leave a gap of 2-3 mm. Reduce the resistance of the transverse joint to the material flow, and the bolt head is always buried in the coal bunker liner.

skills requirement:

The average bolt used per square meter should be around 13;

The bolt head plane requirements are slightly lower than the board surface;

Vertical seams hit a 45 degree groove, leaving a 2-3mm gap;

The gap between the horizontal and vertical joints shall not exceed 5mm, and the coal lining lining shall be arranged neatly in the horizontal and vertical directions;

Surface unevenness is less than 10mm/m;

According to the on-site measurement size, the materials are cut off, and the materials are used reasonably to improve the utilization rate of the plates.

When installing the coal bunker lining, install the longest side of the bunker lining in the vertical direction. For the coal bunker lining that meets the transverse joint, the lap joint should be cut at 45 degrees. In this way, the allowable length is varied and a smooth plastic plane is formed in the silo to facilitate the flow of material.

The side of the board laid along the direction of material flow can be fully met by docking.

The distance between the fixing bolts depends on the thickness of the coal bunker liner and the shape of the silo body, the flow direction of the material, and the hardness of the material, which is generally 10/M2.

-15/M2, fasteners are made of stainless steel bolts.