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Production Of Impact-proof Ship Cabin Guard Board Resistant To Corrosion Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Plate

Jun 18, 2019

Production of impact-proof ship cabin guard board resistant to corrosion ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate The hull guard board is also called the guard panel, the dock guard board, the terminal anti-collision plate, is a kind of material used in marine transportation, dock sand ingress in Shandong Songli Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

With light quality, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, non-absorbent and other excellent characteristics. Its main role is to resist aging, to prevent UV exposure to damage to the hull, as well as sea water on the hull of the forehead corrosion and impact, protect the hull, extend the service life, we can be customized according to everyone's requirements, color and size can be customized, welcome to come to consult