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PTFE Sterilizer Clapboard

Mar 29, 2019

PTFE sterilizer clapboard has a series of excellent performance: high temperature resistance - long-term use temperature of 200 ~ 260 degrees, low temperature resistance, remain soft at -100; corrosion resistance to aqua regia and all organic solvents; resistant climate, high lubrication,  low coefficient of friction (0.04) ; non-sticky solid materials without ; non-toxic, physiologically inert;  excellent electrical properties. It is an ideal Class C insulation material.


Our factory specializes in produce clapboard for sterilizer, sterilization frame clapboard, sterilization pot cage separators, PE partitions, high temperature resistant separators, high temperature resistant plastic sheets and high temperature resistant silica gel sheets.. Long life, non-toxic and harmless, all of our products are food grade.


Sterilizer clapboard is an indispensable spare part in food and beverage production

1: Compared with the rubber septum board, the polymer plastic interlayer board is resistant to high temperature (135 degrees), corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, small deformation, wear-resistant and clean and white, and meets food hygiene requirements;

2: The surface of our clapboard is smooth, it does not block the sterilizer, the corners are round, it will not do any harm to the operator.

3: Good toughness, certain elasticity, not easy to break, long service life;

4: The hole size is designed according to the tank, the general diameter is 18-25MM, which ensures the highest hot gas access and penetration.