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Reasons For Durability Of Ultra-high Molecular Polyethylene Sheets

Aug 12, 2019

The ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene sheet has good compatibility with the resin and has a function of shielding color after microencapsulation, thereby adhering to the transparency of the resin. The ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene liner has a very high volume resistivity of 1 x 1017-1 x 1018 Ωcm and can be used as an excellent electrical insulating material. However, when used as a non-electrically insulating material, the surface is liable to generate static electricity due to conflict.



In order to eliminate such defects, they were subjected to antistatic modification, and various types of antistatic ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene linings were prepared by using different materials and different methods. Prevent production processes from having a major impact on production due to material blockage. In viscous materials, materials are broken, transfer ports, transfer slips, ingredient libraries, ingredient bins, etc.


Excellent damage function, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, self-lubricity, etc., can be used at a temperature of 110 ° C to 269 ° C for a long time, water absorption is extremely low, and has additional non-stickiness, and has excellent anti-blocking effect. The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liner not only retains the high impact strength of UHMWPE, low friction coefficient and excellent self-lubricating properties, but also meets different performance requirements of customers.


Such as flame-retardant high-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet, the lining is difficult to fire, and can be actively extinguished within 3-10 seconds after being separated from the fire source, and does not drip, the amount of smoke is small, and the evaporation gas is harmless to the human body. After testing by the flame retardant data laboratory, it is determined that the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board is environmentally friendly and has high implementation and use value.


Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene liners are used for mechanical properties and are commonly used as metal fabrics. The strength of the metal is related to the abrasion resistance of the U-polymer polyethylene sheet and the desired properties of the customer. together. Flame-retardant polymer polyethylene sheet, widely used in China's electric power, coal, steel, cement, coking and other occupations, to prevent fires caused by coal spontaneous combustion and other factors.