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Why Reprocessed UHMWPE Ground Protection Mat?

Nov 09, 2018

Heavy duty ground protection mat is usually made of recycled UHMWPE products, the recycled products has same advantage as virgin UHMWPE, but the price is much lower. It is an excellent choice for construction application.


Our UHMWPE ground protection mat can be used on soft ground, grass, swap, where there is difficult to access sites. It provide a safe road way for heavy vehicles, crane and other heave equipments.


Our ground protection mat features in durable, light weight, very strong, it can be reused on many hobs for many years. It providing greater strength and shear resistance the layered, UHMWPE materiasl are excellent chemical and weather resistant.


There are 2 choices of surface texturing pattern for customers .

1. 2 sided traction. our ground protection mats comes with a rugged traction pattern for heavy equipment on top side and non slip pattern on the other side.

2. 1 side traction. One side comes with a rugged traction pattern and the other side is smooth.