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Roller Type Rupper Rudder Carrier

Jul 10, 2019
Basic Info
  • Casting Form Material: Metal

  • Casting Form Usage Count: Permanent

  • Surface Roughness: Ra12.5

  • Machining Tolerance: +/-0.01mm

  • Certification: SGS, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008

  • Brand Name: Trust

  • Name: Roller Type Rupper Rudder Carrier

  • Specification: As per customer′s requirements

  • Casting Method: Special Casting

  • Casting Metal: Cast Steel

  • Surface Treatment: Electroplating

  • Coating: Water

  • Diameter of Rudder Pindle: 40mm to 150mm

  • Part: Bearing

Product Description
Rodder upper rudder carrier

1) It is suitable for small and medium vessels with upper and lower rudder constructions.
2) Rudder pindle diameter from 40 to 150mm

We mainly produce shaft system and rudde system products: Propeller shaft, intermediate shaft, coupling, rudder stock, rudder blade, hydraulic nut etc.

Related products like oil rubricated sealing, water rubricated sealing, high-polymer bearing, upper and lower rudder bearing etc.

We provide blue fitting for propeller & shaft.

A whole set of propulsion system can by provided by us.

TypeNameApplied rudder pindle diameterApplication
ALight roller upper rudder carrier40~150mm For ruders with small loads and pindles of small flexility
Heavy roller upper rudder carrier 120~340mmIt has automatic self-aligning ability and it's specially suitable for hinged rudder with heavy loads under bad conditions 
Watertight roller upper rudder carrier 120~400mm It has advantages of B and has sealing function