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Sharing The Processing Method Of Polymer Wear-resistant Plate

Jun 03, 2019

What are the main processing methods of polymer wear-resistant plate? Polymer wear-resistant plate is a high-density polyethylene sheet containing elemental boron enhancement, and its function is constantly improving, the plate's ultra-high function and its unique processing method is inseparable, then on the polymer wear-resistant plate processing methods are mainly what, the next for you to explain the specific: as a professional manufacturer, The performance of its production in terms of wear resistance is our selection of high density materials, through a special processing process, wear resistance of plastic crown, 4 times times higher than nylon 66 and PTFE, 6 times times higher than carbon steel. Different combinations of density, molecular weight, molecular weight dispersion and additives. Different catalysts are used to produce custom special functional polymers. These variables combine to produce polymer wear-resistant plates for different uses to achieve optimal functional balance. In addition, our company produces this kind of polymer wear-resistant plate for the habit of a variety of environmental conditions under the application of the device, can be designed into a assembly connection structure can be customized according to user requirements, easy to repair the device. Such as the operation conditions of the coal mine downhole equipment hopper, chute, metallurgical occupation of the feed funnel and other applications, can completely solve the transport process bonding and plugging this old problem, to achieve safe, efficient and normal production. It is also from this that it can have such a good prospects for development.

Polymer wear-resistant plate with the main processing methods are these, we must follow the instructions to carry out the correct operation, so that its function is fully displayed, more information about polymer wear-resistant plate, will continue to clean up for you, welcome to check in time. Before the use of wear-resistant coal silo lining plate, the device is more important, can not be ignored, which is also an important condition for improving the use value of wear-resistant coal silo lining. Generally, the method of fixing wear-resistant coal silo lining plate on steel structure is welding bolt method. The reason for selecting this method is that the swelling coefficient of the wear-resistant coal silo liner is 2x10-4/℃, and in the case of a large change in the manipulation or ambient temperature, it must be fixed in such a way as to consider its free swelling or shortening. In this way, the allowable length has changed, and in the storage compartment to form a smooth plastic plane, conducive to material activities, can make its role play relatively good.