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Standard For Quality Assessment Of Plastic Sheet

Oct 10, 2017

Plastic Sheet manufacturers of product quality to a certain extent affected its use, the quality assessment standards to understand, can be better to buy high-quality Plastic Sheet, let's take a look at the specific quality assessment criteria.
Plastic Sheet is up to the national standard, the national standard Plastic Sheet thickness is 0.014mm, 0.008mm below the film belongs to the film, is prohibited, in the purchase should pay attention to observe the stretch, film stretch effect is to evaluate the film Product performance of the important criteria, high-quality film even in the cold environment is still able to maintain a good stretch effect; according to the use of demand to buy the right amount of film, to avoid the use of endless waste.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers have advanced technology and technology, can provide you with quality assurance of quality products to ensure the use of film safety and quality, is your first film, look forward to your visit patrons.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers use the product will appear dripping phenomenon, which will greatly affect the use of the film effect, many methods can not be eliminated, what methods can be avoided or reduce the occurrence of this anomaly?
When using Plastic Sheet, try to avoid the high temperature inside the shed, droplets and other functional additives in the high temperature conditions precipitation faster, resulting in the phenomenon of white film, affecting the film fog effect and light transmittance. After the purchase of the film should be used immediately, storage should pay attention to sunscreen, moisture, storage period should not exceed twelve months. In order to achieve good effect of the use of droplets, we must pay attention to flatten the deduction shed, to prevent the emergence of artificial folds, pay attention to the tilt of the greenhouse is generally not less than 25 degrees, so as not to affect the droplet effect.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers to produce products are positive and negative points in the use of attention to the use of instructions, pesticides and sulfur fumigation, etc., will reduce the life of the film, when we found that there are water droplets within the plastic film, can not let any matter, otherwise The crop will have an impact on crop yield.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers need to use a certain light transmittance products, and some crops on the higher requirements of light transmission, so need to take some measures to enhance its light transmittance, what is a good way?
The more common method of dust removal of Plastic Sheet is artificial dust removal, the water is higher when the water is better, the damage to the film light, but the winter weather is too cold when not easy to use. Artificial rub film can also be used, but simply make the film affected, these two methods only available, but the laborious effort to be repeated, the role is not ideal. Of course, the selection of dust-proof film is the fundamental, the production of raw materials and performance of the different, the film's dust will also be very different.
Want to improve the greenhouse light farming rate, in addition to the design of a good lighting angle, to promote the use of non-drip, the management should be every 5 to 7 days, rinse the surface of the greenhouse film, cleaning dust, Can improve the light transmission rate of 5% to 8%. Or the new plastic film tiling, sprinkle fine soil or gypsum powder, if not, can be used locally with loam, but must be fine, with a towel or cloth repeatedly wiped several times and then wipe clean.
In fact, the use of Plastic Sheet, as long as the use of appropriate methods, you can re-use, but also can reduce the cost of agriculture. If it is covered in the surface of the crop, the temperature rises, it may be recycled, stored and then used, because the Plastic Sheet used for a short time, so the Plastic Sheet damage. Spring Plastic Sheet used in the summer after the fall can be reused; you can also do a small shed, and then fall after the use of the local film can be used.
Plastic Sheet manufacturers that the use of sunscreen method can also reduce the attached water droplets, or cover the film will be processed inward, can reduce the water droplets attached to greatly improve the film's light transmittance.