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The Abrasion Resistance Of The Ultra-high Molecular Polyethylene Sheet

Sep 02, 2019

The abrasion resistance of the ultra-high molecular polyethylene sheet is very good, which is unmatched by other metal products, and as the molecular weight of polyethylene advances, the wear resistance will become better and better. It has strong corrosion resistance and can be well protected from corrosion in some acid-base environments. And the water absorption is very low, almost suitable for non-absorbent, long-term immersion in water does not cause swelling. The performance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board in low temperature environment is also very outstanding, and the low temperature demand that can be used to different occasions does not occur. Brittle fracture, not only does not occur brittle fracture, its impact resistance is also appropriate and excellent, can withstand strong impact. In addition to impact resistance, the ultra-low coefficient of conflict makes it an aspirational component that advances the wear life of the equipment. And many food and drug occupations do not overhead ultra-high molecular polyethylene sheets because it is non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive. Therefore, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets are very popular.