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The Application Characteristics Of Modified Food Grade Plastic In The Industry Are Discussed

Jul 06, 2017

The application characteristics of modified Food Grade Plastic in the industry are discussed

Material generally divided into food-grade plastic and general plastic, there are hundreds of general plastic and the food-grade plastic general is divided into five major food-grade plastic (nylon, polyester, polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate, polyphenylene oxide), according to the plastic is divided into the kinds of food grade, Food Grade Plastic modified materials, plastic raw materials for food-grade plastic reworked material, food-grade plastic waste material, their performance are also different; The following is to help you analyze the performance of one of the products, namely nylon food-grade plastic modified plastic; Nylon modified plastic has PA66 and PA6.

General modified plastics nylon (PA) is milky white or yellow grain, there is a higher cleanliness and melting point, excellent impact resistance, good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, excellent toughness and wear resistance, self lubrication oil resistance and flame retardant materials; Addition of carbon black and stabilizer can effectively improve the weatherability of modified plastic nylon (PA). The PA flow performance is excellent, the overflow value is about 0.2 mm. It is also because of its simple processing, high efficiency, light weight (only 1/7 of the metal), it can be processed into various products to replace metal, and widely used in automobile and transportation industry. It is widely used in many fields such as automobile, electrical equipment, mechanical parts, transportation equipment, textile and paper making machinery.

PA66 is commonly known as the double 6 of Food Grade Plastic. PA66 plastic materials are semi-transparent or opaque, or opaque, or yellow granular crystalline polymers, which are malleable. Is g/cm3 density (1.10 1.14), the tensile strength MPa (60.0 80.0), melting point 252 ℃, brittle temperature - 30 ℃, the impact strength kj/m (260-100),

; But in enterprise production and application, technical personnel in order to improve the mechanical properties of PA66, often to join all kinds of modifier, in order to improve the impact resistance of the material or flame retardancy, enhanced 'general increase impact resistance of the material can add synthetic rubber; Increase the flame retardancy of materials with appropriate proportion of flame retardants; The enhancement of the material increases the glass fiber, which is usually 30% glass fiber, 40% glass fiber and 45% glass fiber. It is because the Food Grade Plastic PA66 has high flame retardancy and shock resistance that are widely used in automotive field.

Single 6 PA6 commonly known as types of Food Grade Plastic, and its chemical physical properties and food-grade plastic PA66 is similar, however, its impact resistance and resistance to better solubility than food-grade plastic PA66, but strong hygroscopicity and more.

With the miniaturization of the automobile, the high sexual energy of electronic and electrical equipment, the process of mechanical equipment lightweight, the demand for food-grade plastic will be higher and higher.