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The Choice Of Thickness Of The Road Mat

Aug 29, 2017

The choice of thickness of the Road Mat
 The thickness of the Road Mat product has a significant effect on the durability of the dripper used in the Road Mat product. As the geographical differences, the domestic film, Road Mat thickness of sixty microns, eighty microns, one hundred microns and other thickness. Road Mat manufacturers take you to understand the thickness of the choice of Road Mat requirements.
  In cold areas, due to the needs of insulation performance, the thickness of the Road Mat is generally one hundred to one hundred and twenty microns, the thickness of the Road Mat product, determines the capacity to accommodate the drip agent, so in the cold area, The duration of the drip agent is longer and the thickness of the Road Mat is thicker. In general, multi-layer road mats, the inner layer due to compatibility and frosting reasons, the droplet content is small; the middle layer can accommodate a sufficient amount of droplets, through the slow release technology to ensure adequate supply to the inner , And will not cause the formation of spray cream.
   The outer layer does not need the drop agent, can reduce the flow of drops or the use of barrier technology to prevent the spread of droplets out. The thickness of the Road Mat product is appropriate and can be determined according to the local temperature and the needs of the crop.
 The product of the manufacturer of the Road Mat manufacturer will remain in the soil with the extension of the cultivation period, and the decomposition speed of the Road Mat is very slow, and the recovery rate of the residual film is low, and the residual film in the soil is increasing, Pollution, resulting in a decline in crop yields.
    We need to improve the quality of the Road Mat to improve its recovery rate. If the current widely used film thickness slightly increased, and add some anti-aging chemical substances, not only to extend the life of the film, improve its warming, moisturizing effect, but also conducive to clean recovery. Combined with the actual production, improve agronomic technology, and promote film recovery. Mainly to seize the opportunity to determine a reasonable period of the film.
    Road Mat manufacturers that effectively carry out Road Mat pollution prevention and control work, has become today must be taken seriously, through the above method to a certain extent, slow down the Road Mat pollution problems, to achieve better application results.
Road mats are of great significance to the growth, yield and increase of crops in greenhouses. In order to improve the yield of greenhouse to a certain extent, the choice of high quality vegetable Road Mat is the key. But now a wide range of greenhouse market, and the quality difference is different, in the selection of time, which kind of vegetable pad more suitable for it? Needles face this problem, the Road Mat manufacturers for everyone to sort out a few on the vegetable Road Mat selection method.
This kind of vegetable Road Mat because of the relatively small humidity, so to a certain extent, to reduce the occurrence of its pests and diseases, and its shed temperature is relatively high, and its light conditions are better, to a certain extent, to ensure that it has Efficient production efficiency. If you use a drop greenhouse, in its greenhouse will generally condense a lot of water droplets, such a Road Mat will usually cause the greenhouse lighting conditions are relatively poor, and the temperature is relatively low, the humidity is relatively large, which to some extent increased the disease Insect disaster situation.
The use of no-drop shed to cover, then the water inside the vegetable Road Mat will be able to flow down the slope, and generally do not produce water droplets stay in the winter, the effect is generally better.
In the cleaning of the Road Mat when we should use cloth to clean, cleaning the Road Mat is more conducive to storage, today the Road Mat manufacturers to take you to understand the need for Road Mat cleaning.
Adhere to the Road Mat cleaning, increasing the mattress light, the end of the crop growth is very favorable. Because the cloth can swing at any time to scrub the greenhouse film, improve the temperature of the Road Mat shed, the output value; reduce the amount of labor, improve the safety of the production of vegetables, can no longer worry about standing in the cold climate to the top scrub The
Maintenance of the Road Mat, because the traditional way to reduce the pad cleaning method on the film damage, can extend the use of Road Mat time, lower production costs.