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The Chopping Board Has A Small Amount Of White Vinegar

Sep 28, 2017

Every day we use cooking in the kitchen chopping board, chopping chopper often cut vegetables and meat will breed a lot of bacteria, on the cutting board cleaning and maintenance is particularly important.

cutting board maintenance

Commonly used chopping board has two kinds of wood and bamboo, the two kinds of material cutting board cutting method is basically the same, that is, the combination of oil + plastic wrap for conservation.

First cut a large chimney twice the size of the cling film, in the plastic wrap on a small amount of peanut cooking oil, the oil evenly spread out after the release of a clean and dry wood cutting board,

And then pour a little oil on the chopping board, hand oil evenly wiped open, and then wrap the whole piece of anvil block wrapped up, gently press the front and back sides of the anvil are soaked in grease. Then, use a hair dryer to blow back and forth several times to speed up the absorption of grease.

If the time is more substantial, you can wrap more than a period of time, so that the natural infiltration of oil is the best dry effect. Finally, tear off the cling film, rinse the cutting board with water, and then ventilate just fine. After the oil-coated cutting board will be more solid, not easy to dry and crack, it will not mold.